Head congestion caused by hearing aids

My family and I don’t know what to do. The digital hearing aids cause almost total head congestion so that the aids aren’t being worn. The audiologist and the ENT doctor have never heard of this side effect. Decongestants didn’t work, nasal sprays didn’t work. So got outside-the-ear aids and the head congestion is still there. We are desperate! Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

I had congestion/sinus/eustachian tube issues for a long time, until I went to an allergist and was tested. Now with Claritin and Nasonex daily, and an injection every three weeks, no issues.

I’d recommend seeing an allergist. That it occurs with the aids is just coincidence IMHO.

I’m not an audiologist or ENT, but I can imagine the ear molds are causing the inner ear to have a blocked up feeling (if you use ear molds) and create a stuffed feeling in your sinus cavities. If your hearing loss can support it, I wonder if open fit aids would benefit you…


Even putting a tube in the ear mold to vent air from the ear could alleviate the pressure, but if you have a high range of hearing loss, these methods will create whistling. There are anti-whistling aids adjusted by aid software, but there are pros and cons to this that can only be answered by your audiologist.