Have they got my diagnosis wrong?

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Last year I was told that my sudden hearing loss was due to nerve damage. My hearing loss was considered mild to moderate. I found this strange because my left ear is practically useless. Hearing aids did not help. However the last time I spoke to an audiologist she said I should go back to my GP as the problem is more likely in the middle ear and not the inner ear. I have attached an audiogram. If you have experience reading audiogram could I ask you to see what conclusions you would come to. Thanks for any help.

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Definitely looks like middle ear involvement. I am surprised she sent you to your GP. I would have sent you to an ENT or Otologist. Most GPs have limited knowledge about the ear. Unless your insurance requires a GP referral before seeing a specialist.

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Thank you. Yes. I will have to get referred by my GP. My hope now is that this can be treated.

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@john2 Why do you consider your left ear useless?

Yes. Good question. Your left ear is better than mine and mine isn’t useless

Geez, the LEFT ear audiogram spans severe-moderate loss. When the RIGHT ear performs so much better, I bet it would appear that the left one was useless.

O’course to folks like me with double-cinderblock ears, well I’d LOVE to trade audiograms with ya! :wink:

The hearing in my left is not only attenuated but it accompanied with a heavy distortion. Hearing aids can amplify the sound enough for me to hear it but it is crackly and tinny.

As a kicker I’ve also developed Musical Ear syndrome in my left ear.

Musical ear syndrome - Wikipedia.

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Well let’s see what an ENT says

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I have “musical brain syndrome”, I hear a song I like and my brain goes into repeat mode for the next few days, or until I hear the next song I like. At least I thought it was all in my brain…