Has REXTON REACH Availability been Solved Yet

Has Costco resolved the REXTON REACH programming issues yet? Thanks


Does Rexton Reach have NotchTherapy that the Signia has? I have heard that Costco hearing aids do not include tinnitus therapy. This will make a difference if I can wear them. Thanks.

Yes, Rexton does have the Signia program, which they call tinnitus function. Historically Costco has not made the tinnitus function available on its hearing aids, but the only way to know for sure is to check with your Costco Hearing Center because policies do change.

Thank you. Were you able to get your new Rexton Reach?

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I have an appointment to be fitted on Tuesday.


It is in our local Costco. A friend just ordered it.

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I ordered a pair a few days ago. I pick them up on Wednesday. Costco fitters usually do not turn on tinnitus features. I had to do it myself with the KS10’s, and I plan on doing it with the Reach HA’s.

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Has anyone heard anything definitive about the firmware upgrade to implement Auracast? I want to get prescription hearing aids (I am currently wearing OTC), but I will not buy any that don’t have fully hands free with Android. My OTC HA’s (Sennheiser, which are Phonaks with standard Bluetooth) fully support Android hands free.

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Ordered mine yesterday from Costco, they told me about 1 1/2 weeks

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I got my Rexton Reach at Cedar Park, Texas Costco two days ago and am very pleased with my experience.

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Got my Reach today, I’m impressed