Has anyone used Dry & Store DryBoost UV?

I’m looking at the Dry & Store DryBoost UV as a method to dry my rechargeable HAs. They use a low heat (80 - 85 F / 26.5 to 29.5 C) to help dry, and a 6 hour drying cycle. It looks pretty new. Has anyone yet tried this, and if so what’s your experience with it?

I have Resound Quattro rechargeable, which they list as compatible with the dryer. I currently have/use the Flow Med Dry-Cap UV. It is only air with no heat and a short drying period (20 mins?). It does have a short UV cycle… I put just the hearing aids in there (since the charger doesn’t fit).

I’m thinking the low heat, and 6 hour drying time of the DryBoost UV will be more effective at ensuring HAs are dried properly.

I’ve used a version of a Dry and Store for well over 20 years.

Just looked at the one you are talking about and looks better for rechargeable aids.

Thanks Zebras, I’m going to order one and try it.

Hi, I’m a newbie getting my first pair of HAs later this month from Costco (Philips rechargeable). I’ve also been looking at the Dry Boost UV. So I, wording if you bought yours and if so what’s the pros/cons of these units? I was worried that it wouldn’t sanitize or dry the lower portion of the hearing aids that are in the charger. Thanks