Has Anyone Purchased Walmart's Simplicity Aids

Has anyone purchased Walmart’s Simplicity brand hearing aids for only $949 a pair. What was your experience? Did you have an examination? By whom? Buy on line? Is the purchase legal in all States? On line info very skimpy. Apparently it is a BTE with 4 fixed gain levels and a fixed HF emphasis curve.

Does Walmart have audiologists or dispensers in their stores?

Just seems odd. Ed

I can find some replacement parts but no aids in my search.

About 6 months ago one of the Audi’s was posting about a cheap aid generically programed for HF loss. Id like to trial a pair, 80% off sounds good to me.

Well just a few things. You don’t have your test results posted so there is no way to tell if the aids are right or powerful enough. Other then that from what I can see the aids are preprogrammed one size fits all. There is no guarantee, that the way the aids are programmed, that they will help with your particular loss. I don’t see anything regarding dispensers or audiologists so I’m pretty sure the aids are sold over the counter, as is. Good luck. You’ll either save a lot of money or waste a lot of money. But you probably won’t get the best aids you could possibly get for your particular loss.

Hask ole Buddy: Not for me…Just posting info for the mild loss group…I’m profound. And just curious, particularly about the legallity. Ed;)

I bought Simplicity aids from Sam’s club for 749.00 per pair. They are made by General Hearing in New Orleans. They weren’t powerful enough for my loss so I took them back. Maybe they would have worked if I didn’t have such a big loss at 1Khz.:confused:


Regarding legality, they webpage does state “This is to inform you that the Food and Drug Administration has determined that it is in your best health interest to obtain a medical evaluation by a licensed physician, who specializes in diseases of the ear; then to be tested by an audiologist, or hearing aid dispenser utilizing established procedures and instrumentation in the fitting of hearing instruments.”

They then go on to say “Note: Ordering a hearing instrument from this web site constitutes your acknowledgement and acceptance of this “Waiver to Medical Evaluation Requirements”.” Now typically one can obtain a waiver from any dispenser, but it is generally a form to fill out and actually sign, as opposed to purchase constituting a waiver. I would hope most individuals purchasing hearing aids would read all the information on the page, but this is down at the bottom so I could see it being overlooked.

The aid you bought from WalMart, was it from one of those people that set up in those front offices, like from Miracle Ear or was it an over the counter purchase?