Has anyone any experience with specsavers advance elite hearing aids?

Hi, In answer to your question. If you decide to go with Specsavers they have a 90 day no quibble returns policy. As was explained to me by the Audiologist that if you decide the aids are not suitable within this period you can get a refund or can upgrade to the more expensive Branded Aids that they supply if you wish to (obviously you would be charged the difference in cost). Also with the Advance Elite app there is a Cafe mode that gives you the ability to change the listening parameters with volume, balance, sound equalisation, noise reduction, speech enhancement and microphone focus as shown in screen shots of the phone app.

Many of these programs have the same sound manipulation capabilities, or you can let the auto program analyze its environment and auto compensate for you. Another plus with Specsavers is that you don’t pay for any batteries or for the maintenance contract like you have to with other suppliers.

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I will have to really consider getting them. My hearing is so bad when it comes to speech and i want to get them to be able to seamlessly work in a coffee shop, which will have a lot of background noise.

I will book an appointment with a specsavers audiologist and see what they say.

Hi, I am from the UK and currently trialling the Specsavers Advance Elite which in the UK SS reckon are the equivalent on the Phonak Paradise Viro (In the Ear) V90’s. I have been wearing HA’s for close to 45 years and my last/current/old pair are Phonak Virto V90’s (Venture). So far I have been so unhappy with these aids, even after a retune, but I 100% realise it is all subjuctive and although I do not currently have an Audio gram to show the way you describe your loss is similar to mine, although mine slightly worse on right (@Ynotrekab ).

My Aud advised the Specsavers set up is not the standard hearing set up that other manufacturers use which may be the reason I am so disappointed.

So in my current Crusade to buy new aids I have trialled, Starkey Insio Evolv 2400 (ITE) - best quality sound I have ever experienced, rubbish blue tooth its Made for Iphone but signal kept dropping returned, The SS Advance ITE will be returning when my Phonak Lumity arrives (17 May), Resound Omnia, not impressed no Auto function, these are my first RIC will be returning, also probably dumping this AUD as she has been not very good, gives me about 15 minutes with her, no explanations, nothing…).

Anyway enjoy your aids…

Hello all,
I’m new to the forum having come across it when doing research in hearing aids for my mum - thanks for all the valuable contributions. We made a decision so I thought I’d share our experience so far.

We ended up going with Specsavers audiology here in Australia, and their Advance range. The audiologist said this includes Demant Opticon, Sonova Unitron or Sivantos Signia.

The one we got for mum was the Advance 72 Elite 9 rechargeable BTE based on the Unitron Moxi Vivante. Apparently it just released here in early December 2023 and replaces their Advance 71 range which was based on the Unitron Blu.

When I compare the Advance and Unitron Vivante hearing aids, they look identical, and their user manuals are almost, but not exactly verbatim. The app is Hearing Remote rather than Unitron Remote Plus.

Since there is a big difference in price - Unitron Moxi V9-R is around $6,800 a pair online versus Specsavers $3,495, I expect there will be some software limitations on the Advance but nothing significant that I could find.

Anyway, she’s been wearing them for almost a week and everything is working well. I’m so happy that I can now speak to her at normal volume and don’t have to keep repeating myself and yelling, even in a noisy cafe.

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I am about to get the current Specsavers Elite model. I believe it is now based on the Phonak Paradise 90 model. I do not want to go for the Lumity because it is only rechargeable, and I am not convinced it is robust enough. Is the experience of people using the unbranded HAs generally OK? Are they generally value for money? I see from reviews that the “Hearing Remote” app reviews are replied to by Sonova. I assume they develop/support it?

Welcome to the forum, have you got a Costco nearby, or are considering Phonak only?
Costco give the better deal by far.

Hi Shay,

I have the Elite model. I am in the UK and it may differ by region, but it’s the Unitron Vivante Moxi V-RT. It is very similar to the Phonak Lumity, with the Sword chip. And yes, sonova is the parent company of Unitron and Phonak, so the Elite is essentially a sonova product. But I have seen Australian posters saying the Elite is a Signia in their country.

I am not sure why you say the lumity is not robust enough. Who said that? If you mean in terms of recharging, then, yes, I get about 16 to 18 hours with around 4 to 5 hours of streaming. I know that Starkey and Signia get double that with their latest models.

I bought the Elite model a couple of months ago and after some initial doubts about it’s performance in noise, I decided to keep hold of it. Like the Paradise, it’s bluetooth connection is very good and it’s been solid so far. I posted a detailed review on here if you want to look for it.

In Australia the Advance range is supplied by Sivantos (Signia) Sonova (unitron / Phonak) and Demant (Bernafon / Sonic / Oticon). all three manufacturers supply models at all 5 technology levels from the most basic (standard) to the top level (elite). I suspect this would be no different in the UK

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Not wanting to split hairs, but Specsavers in the UK do not sell Oticon. AFAIK they only sell Phillips with respect to companies connected with the Demnant group.

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Hi All,
Had my Specsavers Advance Elite for 9+ months now and am still very pleased with them. Have been back to Specsavers a few times for minor adjustments with the settings and they have continued to give excellent service with their helpful knowledgeable Audiologist. I am now using custom molds all provided at no extra cost. could not be happier :deaf_person: :+1:

Hi tenkan… thanks, but I am in Ireland actually. No Costco here … sadly, we just get ripped off … I dont think there are any OTC HAs here at all

Hi glucas. thank you very much for your reply. I would love to see your review if you could post the link. I am actually in Ireland. I am told that Elite has just upgraded to the Paradise 90. I would be ok with that. I am a first time HA user. I presume I will lose some functionality on the device and app, given an own brand, but she assures me that it is not worth paying the extra for the Phonak Paradise itself. Wit the Lumity I mean I am not fully sold on the longevity of the rechargeable tech right now. Anything goes wrong with that aspect and it has to go all the way back to the factory. So for the moment I would prefer the disposable. No one told me as such, just my own gut feeling on that.

Hi Ynotrekab, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

Oh that’s no good, yeah looks like boots and Specsavers, personality I’d have a look on eBay UK to see if there’s something, you can get some pretty good deals considering.

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Hi Shay,

The link is here Specsavers Advance Elite

But this does relate to the Advance Elite that I bought in England, which is a white label Unitron.

Good luck. I understand your concern about the rechargeables and I know the Paradise comes with a 312 battery as one of its options.

I don’t think you will lose any functionality on the device or app. Specsavers are provided with their own version of the app by Sonova. And there should be no major features that are not present. Maybe it will not have tinnitus support/masking.

Hi glucas… interesting, in that I do have tinnitus unfortunately. I am a first time HA user, so can I ask are the Tinnitus masking features any good, or do you have any experience of them?

Hi Shay,

No - I’m sorry, I have no knowledge on that one. Obviously, I think you should speak to the specsavers audiologist about whether the feature is there and also ask within this forum as I’m sure there are knowledgeable people on here who know something about tinnitus and/or which hearing aids may help.

I had the tinnitus masking on my first set of HA’s and found just as annoying as my tinnitus so I had the program removed. In say that wearing HA’s themselves has been very helpful for my tinnitus, being able to hear high frequency sounds again helps mask the tinnitus somewhat.

Thanks glucas , I will do that.

Thank you Bingo_wings … hopefully I will get some tinnitus benefit from them as well