Hard Line PHones that work wtih hearing aides

My mom is 94 and has Signia hearing aides. I bought her panasonic had line phones that were supposed to work with hearing aides. They don’t seem to. Her audiologist said no hard line phones work with hearing aides. Has anyone had luck with hard line phones that work with hearing aides. As mentioned, she has Signia hearing aides that are operated/adjusted with her iphone (yes, she is 94 and knows how to use an iphone :slight_smile: ) Thanks for any feedback. I would love to get her a working hard line phone because it really confuses her when her cell phone rings as she really only wants to use it for adjusting her hearing aides.

Maybe she can learn to put the speaker of the phone over her hearing aid microphone, and not against her ear (unless her hearing aids are in the ear).

Do the Signia aids have an acoustic phone setting?

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Does the phone have a speaker mode? Personally I have no problem using a land line phone.

What exactly do you mean by ‘work with hearing aids’? There is the T-coil option that I believe will always work with landlines but as it now seems to be mostly limited to UP HAs I doubt she has that. If you mean Bluetooth that is trickier, I had also heard about the Panasonics but have no experience with them, I do know it was a very specific model.

Depending on her loss a speaker phone or just using the phone normally might work if she adjusts the headset to over her HA microphone instead of her ear.

What did she do before her HAs?

Hi Heather and thank you for your reply. What I mean by “work with hearing aids” is, a phone that is compatible with hearing aides. although, I recently read on line that all phones are required to be these days. She has been using the Panasonic that gets rated at the top everywhere but she doesn’t find it to be clear. The headsets or the answering machine messages. It’s loud enough - just not clear enough. She does use the speaker feature on the phone but it doesn’t help. Before her hearing aides she just used whatever phone she had there but couldn’t hear. She hears her cell phone good because it is connected with her hearing aides - but she is 93 and she gets completely confused when she gets texts or other calls on it when she is talking on it.

I don’t think Signia has an acoustic phone setting and I think she would get confused trying to go back and forth between digital (for mobile phone) to acoustic for hard line phone.

Generally hearing aid compatible means the phone will have a t-coil which would couple with the HA in t-coil mode. However, now days not all HAs have the t-coil option so we have the case of HA compatible phones but the HA can’t use that compatibility.

Outside of t-coils and Bluetooth, both which go through your HAs all a landline can do is provide additional amplification and some other tricks to clean up the sound.

I no longer have landlines but if I was in this situation I would look into how I can stream the landline phone to my HAs using Bluetooth. You will likely need an external attachment to do so.

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