HA Dome Cleaning Solution

I was wondering if the cleaning solution that was provided by the audiologist can be replaced with the solution I use for my reading glasses.

My Rexton came with a small Otovita cleaning spray. I try to use it every other day. The bottle now is almost empty, and I’m thinking of trying the lens cleaner. They are both alcohol free products that clean surfaces. The question I’m not able to answer is if the lens cleaner may have irritant ingredients in it.

Any suggestion about an equivalent product?

Why do you need any cleaning product. In 45 years I have never cleaned a CIC/ITE aid, a mold, or a dome with anything other than a q-tip or tissue.

My hearing aid is a Receiver In The Ear Rexton Trax 42; it is not Completely In Canal nor In The Ear. The audiologist gave me a solution to help clean the rubber tip dome periodically, and suggested to do it several times a week. I spray it on the tip, let it sit for a few seconds, and then I use a sheet of toilet paper to clean it.

I suspect you’re not in the US. The other option if you are getting wet wax in the dome is to put them in a dessicant jar (or dehumidifier) and then you should be able to brush off the crud.
I’ve never used anything other than the little brush and a soft cloth to clean things.

Is that relevant for the answer? If you look up my user profile (I hope it is accessible) it says West Hartford, CT - USA. My audiologist is a Costco one. I prefer not having to deal with a desiccant (I suppose you’re not using a spell checker in your browser) jar or dehumidifier, because it’s one additional thing to carry when traveling; the cleaning-spray instead is tiny.

I put my aids (RIE and ITE) in a UV sanitizer religiously every night - helps to dry them out and sanitize them. That said, I also wipe down the aids with a small alcohol prep patch maybe a couple times a month. And in 30+ years of following this protocol, I’ve never had an issue with melted materials, disintegration or compromise. I do swear by the UV unit tho! In humid places, you simply have to remove moisture from delicate electronics.

I clean mine with a small alcohol prep pad after washing my hands as 1Bluejay. Even before I put them in my ears I insist the audiologist/hearing aid specialist cleans the domes and aids. I am very protective of my ears.

^^^^ That is very wise!! I have picked up a couple “itchy ear” cases from my dear aud-guy - I swear, he wipes his nose (absent-mindedly), then hands over my aids or puts domes on them. I SO wish I had the courage to whip out an alcohol prep patch right then and there, but when I go in for adjustments, the aids go IN, then OUT, then back IN, and it would get embarrassingly germaphobic of me to keep wiping the dang things down. But it just bugs me to no end that he doesn’t use Purel on his hands before handling my aids. Augh. <:-(0)

Because that goo comes from Germany and doesn’t seem to have much distribution in the US. Is there some reason you can’t discuss things civilly?

Nor can anyone else, without knowing what lens cleaner you’re asking about.

I take the domes off most nights and clean them with alcohol wipes then use my dryer with UV sterilizer. I change the domes roughly every 3-4 months

^^^ That sounds like an excellent protocol to me! I really should clean my domes and hard-case aids nightly with alcohol prep pads.

I clean the actual aids with a microfiber cloth and occasionally vacuum them with a jodi vac. I don’t use alcowipes on the hard case or receiver.