Google Pixel 4a phone compatible with Widex Evoke app?

I am in Canada and must get a new cellphone. Looking at Pixel 4A + 4a 5G. Will these units be compatible with the my Evoke software app? Widex support does not reply to my inquiries and Best Buy salesman is pushing for an answer. Old phone is dead. Is any phone with HA compatibility rating of M3T4 sufficient?

While I don’t have the Evoke (mine are beyonds), If Google play has an app for the Evoke, then it should work on your android phone. I know that the Beyond app has worked on both of the Android phones I’ve had since I got the HA’s.

Did you buy the Evokes from a dispenser? They should be able to obtain a list of compatible phones for you. My Evokes were fine with Samsung Android but for AI option I think you need iPhone. iPhone 8 or up is recommended for Evoke models.

Yes tinkyp, I did buy it from a dispenser, an audiology department from a local hospital setting. However, with COVID-19 in the mix, Ontario+Quebec have been in solid lockdown for quite a while. This service has been seriously curtailed in the past year or so but the personnel has probably been assigned to more pressing needs. Checking the answering machine in the audio office is probably way down in level 5.

Hopefully attached is the Evoke app compatibility list from the Widex website.

Doesn’t look like they’ve updated the list in awhile. Based on the list, I think it highly likely that the 4A would work. Can you try out a 4A in the store?

Thanks, evryone. Widex just got back to me this morning: ‘The EVOKE hearing aids and EVOKE app are compatible with Android devices running Android version 7.0, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, and 10.0. – If the new phone you are looking to acquire is running a compatible Android OS version, then the EVOKE app should work on the new phone.
Your TV streamer should also still work with your hearing aids.’

Great. Now I can do more serious phone shopping.

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You do understand that there’s a difference between working with the app and streaming phone calls to your hearing aids? The Evoke aids would need to be ASHA compatible to do that with the Pixel 4A. Not sure if it is or not.