Google Assistant and Bluetooth

Recently got new phone (Samsung Galaxy S10E) and was playing around with Google Assistant. Works ok if my hearing aids are not connected to phone via bluetooth or phone is not connected to car’s bluetooth. I asked Google why I couldn’t hear it and it suggested that I either turn the volume up or it might be because I was using headphones. I’ve done a bit of research without much luck.
Anybody have experience with this that can suggest workarounds and/or explain why it doesn’t seem to work with Bluetooth. Hearing aids are KS9 in case that’s a pertinent detail.

Talked to Samsung. Apparently Google Assistant only works iwth Android Auto and not with basic Bluetooth connection. I didn’t ask about hearing aids. I’m surprised others haven’t mentioned this.

Android auto is for vehicles only, correct?
Google assistant is for any smart phone or smart device in your home. Is this correct?

Android auto is nice after reading a little about it.

It is possible that the cause of the problem is Bixby. So it hinders the normal work of the google assistant

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I don’t think it’s Bixby as it gives the option to choose one or the other. Local Samsung rep recommended Google Assistant. It works great if not connected to Bluetooth

Yes, Android Auto is for vehicles only (I don’t have it–maybe next car) Google Assistant definitely works on phones and smart devices makes sense.

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I have the Google Home app on my iPhone, and I tap the microphone to activate Google Assistant on the iPhone. The audio plays back directly to my aids when I have the Accessibility settings allowing streaming to the aids.

did you download the update for Android? If there was a major update, try to do a hard reset of the phone, it may work after that because it looks like the packages from the upgrades have been mixed

Have just done security updates.