Google Amplifier app not working with my Bluetooth hearing aids

Any suggestions why direct connection by Bluetooth with my Signia Stretta AYA hearing aids doesn’t seem to be supported by Google Amplifier app?

With my hearing aids connected directly by Bluetooth the Sound Amplifier app tells me to get started I need to connect headphones. I am able to listen to other audio with other apps with direct connection between aids and phone.

I’m using a Pixel 3a phone with Android 12. I wonder if it’s better supported in later versions of Android.

My Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra tells me I an wearing hearing aids and that I need to use headphones to use amplify ambient sounds.

No, unfortunately…

It’s possible this app modifies the sound too late in the audio chain for it to apply to streaming output. Frankly, I was kind of surprised at the title, thinking it was not an expected combination (extra audio volume to be added before sending to external audio amplifying devices), but was curious enough to click on it. Anyway, it’s possible this is by design because there is no headroom available in the digital signal. I hope you can find a setup that works for you and will be watching to see if there is something more substantial popping up here compared to my speculation.

It works with Phonak HAs, which use the standard Bluetooth and not the ASHA protocol…

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Do you see “Media Volume Limit” in settings? Turn that off for a start, if it is not. I can raise volume to 150% which ican be quite loud.

Additionally I use the Poweramp Equalizer which has a parametric mode so you can adjust the default 10 (up to 32) band EQ for each ear independently. There is also a preamp slider which additionally increases volume.

I wish you the best in finding a workaround you can be comfortable with.

I know it doesn’t help much but it does work with my KS9’s and Pixel 6a updated to July 5.