GOhear - anyone know about them?

When I was visiting my primary doctor he asked me if I knew about these hearing aids. They are Swedish, I think (Sonetik?) and in the US they appear to be marketing through doctors offices. They have a programmed audiometer that doesn’t require significant training, and they have four levels of pre-programmed behind-the-ear aids for $750 each. They don’t use an ear mold, but one of the inserts like an RIC does. There are four programs (noise reduction, music, etc) and a volume control. I don’t think they have a T-coil, which is criminal in my opinion. One of his nurses uses one (single-sided) and appears to do well with it. Maybe by going through physicians offices they get around some laws on audiologist/hearing aid dispensers. I’m not sure about that but I can imagine this could cause a lot of turmoil in the hearing aid business - IF they are any good.

I remember there was an earlier pre-programmed approach called a Songbird or something like that - but it was in the ear. In addition to having to fit one of four or five hearing profile, you got one of three different sizes. And they were disposable. Lasted about 30 days and you threw them out. Buy 6 months worth at a time. Didn’t work out, though…

Anyway, if you have heard anything good or bad, please post. It’s not for me - I’m way past that. But my doc is considering adding it since his patient base is aging.