GN launching a Jabra branded M&RIE product at Costco

I’m just going on the look of the charger in the literature. I’ll take my charger with me to my appointment Tuesday so I can verify that my assumption is correct.

There’s also the Lively brand of the Quattro that’s advertised on TV, and offered online.


Haven’t researched, but this looks really interesting.

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I have an appointment tomorrow. Will report back after. Let me know if anyone has any inquiries they’d like me to make.

Appointment with Costco or Lively? I’m no expert, but I’d guess you’d be better served by a Super Power BTE. Might even be worthwhile getting evaluated for cochlear implant depending on word recognition scores.

Costco. Currently have ReSound Forte and Phonak Audeo P90-RT. ReSound’s UP receivers work for me.

Yeah that’s something to consider as well, but at $1850 a pair, its close to what Costco is offering on the “ones” at $1799 tho, so by mail order you get the previous platform and by visiting your local Costco you get the latest.
The Preza are $1995 a set from Costco as well, which is a bit more then lively.

The Preza rechargeables are $1999.99. The Lively rechargeables are $2400, and I think are equal to the Quattro 7, while the Preza is the Quattro 9.

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Saw my local Costco specialists this morning to fix a staticky receiver on one of my Forte aids and told them I am interested in the new Jabra aids. They told me that they only learned about them last week themselves and knew nothing more yet than what is on the Costco Hearing web site, other than that they are in fact equivalent to Resound One. They said they’d know more in a couple of weeks, after they receive training on the new products.

They also said that many of the people who called about the new aids had Jabra confused with Bose, which Costco doesn’t carry in their hearing centers.

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I demoed the Jabra today for about twenty minutes. Very natural sound, even when beam forming to handle noise. Much superior to Phillips 9030, Kirkland 10, and Kirkland 9. The Mifi connection is good but you have to speak into the phone. People sounded more relaxed. With the other hearing aids with the same profiles loaded it seemed like people were angry. I did not notice this until I tried the Jabras. In a single limited test of speech in noise it was very much superior to the other three Costco aids. The microphone in the ear may not be a useless gimmick. I can hardly wait for Costco to get trial aids. If you forced me to make a decision without the trial I would return my old aids and order the Jabra. But there are many situations where I want to test it further. And how does it compare the premium level products like the Oticon More. BTW I have auditory processing disorder so ordinarily speech in noise, even with hearing aids, is complete garbage.


I am currently using the new Bose Sound Control ha and it works great. But I do not trust it will have continued support. So I am still in the market.

Went to Costco today for my hearing test, I was interested in the KS10. The said they would not recommend the KS10 because my hearing goes from mild to severe all in the high frequencys. They recommended the Jabra, saying Resound is the best for high frequency. So I did it and I go back July 1 for fitting and picking them up. I hope I’m not making a mistake.

BTW I’m getting the model that takes 312 batteries as I don’t like the idea of rechargeable.

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Any HA would be suitable, especially the KS10 (a.k.a Phonak Paradise) they didn’t quite tell you the whole truth, sounds like they sold you what they make the most mark up on.

Said who? Honestly is the best answer, the Costco fitter your dealing with is not being 100% with you, they should be a bit more professional then just making of the cuff remarks like this.

As a side note ReSound is definitely a good brand, a long time player in the market, I think you’ll like the Jabra
(a.k.a ReSound one) although I notice a few people not being happy with the new M&RIE type of receivers.

Good move I think, is there a size 13 battery available? this would be better if your into a lot of bluetooth streaming.

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Yes there is a 13 avaliable. I chose the 312 because I don’t really care about streaming, and the 312 is slightly smaller than the 13 or the rechargeable models. Since the Jabra is basically the Resound One I am now on a quest to get as much info as I can on the Resound One.

They just got the Jabra in yesterday, so I don’t really think the fitters know all that much about it. They said the KS10 could do the high freq but because of how far they would have to program the highs, there would be a lot of feedback issues. And so the Jabra/Resound would be better. I hope its not all BS. I hate waiting over 3 weeks to get them as I’m at a point I just want to get on with it.

Different domes or ear moulds would solve this issue. I guess this issue would be the case for any hearing aid if your highs are that bad. Sometimes open domes just won’t work for people with bad high frequencies.

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You’re definitely not making a mistake since (assuming you’re in US) you’ve got 180 days to make up your mind. Interesting comment from them on high frequencies. I suspect what they’re talking about is the KS10s (Phonak’s) Feedback Management system. It tends to reduce high frequency gain quite a bit, especially in open fits. Posting your audiogram would provide useful information for people to be able to comment. (Top of page: Click on Forum and then My hearing tests) I’ve never tried Resound (so take that into account), but from reading it appears to me that they have the least sophisticated frequency lowering system of any of the major brands.


I tried the Jabra at Costco yesterday, intending to purchase the rechargeable M&RIE model. We did the hearing test, then tried the aids with large closed domes. Everything looked good, my audiogram is in the fitting range, the feedback calibration was good. For some reason, though, I would get these weird sounds mostly from the left ear.

With a smaller closed dome it was worse, and with a medium or large power dome it was better, but we could never eliminate the word each/reverb/whatvever it was. I even heard it when I was speaking, from the sound of my own voice. The Costco rep got GN support on the phone, and went through a bunch of things, but never resolved it.

We tried regular MP receivers with large closed domes, and there were no issues whatsoever. The feedback calibration showed no issues, and the domes and aids felt good in and on my ears. I ordered a pair in bronze, and we’ll see how they compare to my Prezas and the Fortes before that.

I did try the Enhance Pro in my Preza charger, and it worked too. The Enhance Pros come with a standard charger that is plugged into usb-c all the time to charge the aids. I’m scheduled to pick them up on June 22.

I’m starting to think that the combination of my low frequency loss and the quick upward turn my ear canals take cause me not to be a suitable candidate for the M&RIE receivers. The Costco rep was a little dismayed, and concerned that they may have ongoing issues with those receivers.


Thanks for adding audiogram. Your high frequency loss is notable, but I wouldn’t think it would be an issue for any of Costco’s hearing aids. I suspect the bigger issue might be hearing sounds you’re not used to hearing.


Thanks for sharing your audiogram.
This statement from Costco makes zero sense.
Phonak (KS10) has questionably the best feedback control of any hearing aids. But like any hearing aids, they have to be fit properly.

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Has anyone analyzed the specifications of these new GN hearing aids? They have a microphone and receiver in the ear piece lilke GN Resound’s top of the line non-Costco aids.

I have worked the hearing of sounds I’m not used to hearing with the Bose Sound Control. Took a few weeks weeks, now its becoming ‘normal’. Returned the Bose today. Hated doing it as they worked great and were half the cost of the Jabra. I figure if the Jabra doesn’t work out, I’ll order them again. I got skittish being such an early adopter.

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