GN Hearing first to support direct Android streaming using ASHA

I’ve got just 1 left HA Resound Quattro. If I solve the problem, l’ll write, how it possible to overcome. Thank you for your answers.

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Write a must. My CAs are not registered. But my friend has an identical problem, like you. In the evening I will give her Noanlink …

Can you take a screenshot in the menu where the firmware is indicated?

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Thanks everybody for the attention. I’ve understood the problem. Noone device with Bluetooth lower than 5.0 can connect to HA which updated up to 10043.4300. So, yesterday, my resound quattro was successfully updeted, but my smartphone with Bluetooth 4.2 was not able to appreciate it. I can’t send the first picture which appeared while i was waiting connection,but here is the last one.

I’ve tried the device with 5.0 bluetooth, the connection is perfect.


Thanks my friend))))

Can you please tell me make and model of your phone. Also are you able to stream, or can you only control settings. Thankyou

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If you follow the instructions in the previous post (GN Hearing first to support direct Android streaming using ASHA) and your provider has enabled Remote Assist, you’ll find it on the page revealed by tapping the tab the BLUE arrow is pointing to. As I said, if you’re connected to the Internet and your phone is connected to your HA’s via BT, you’ll see the firmware version when you tap on the line Hearing Aid Software Updates under Remote Assist. You won’t see Remote Assist or Hearing Aid Software Updates if your provider has not registered you and you haven’t agreed to OTA provisioning. I think if the provider had registered you, you would have discovered it by now. It’s not hiding in any way and if you haven’t seen it anywhere, not being registered is probably the reason. The firmware version in use is shown on the Hearing Aid Software Updates page accessed through the My ReSound page/tab.

Tap My Resound Tap Hearing Aid Software Updates

Xiaomi mi a2 lite, i can just control settings ( i have neither Android 10, not BTE 5).

It remains to understand how, without the help of an audiologist, BUT, if you have a Noahlink and smartfIt 1.5, connect the update. I have an empty menu …

Samsung’s purported Android 10 Update Road Map (series 8 devices aren’t on it):

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Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse, but getting Android 10 will not guarantee compatibility with ASHA.


Yeah, but obviously if your “old” phone is not on the list to begin with, you don’t even have to worry about whether it’s going to get ASHA, too. The point was “Who’s left out of getting Android 10 on their phones?” - 8 series devices aren’t on the list was my comment/point of view.

Having a phone with Android 10 is a necessary but not sufficient requirement for direct streaming to your HA’s. :slightly_smiling_face:

And just to be even clearer, even if you have a phone with Android 10 and ASHA, e.g., Pixel 4, you’re not going to get direct streaming unless the HA OEM has either built the ASHA protocol into your HA’s or put it there with a firmware update (sorry I didn’t mention that part either in my post, either!) :smile:


Concerning auto-update from correspondence with Resound :

The firmware update will be pushed via the app in batches, and should end up at you as a push message, if you have activated Remote Hearing aid software updates.

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    App Support

Can I do this on my own If I have a Noahlink and Smart Fit 1.5 ? (I have both) or still need online registration on the site Resound


Unless you’re duly registered as a ReSound provider with ReSound, you won’t be able to activate ReSound Assist. How much I forget. Not being able to update for not having the HA registered not only happened for my most recent left HA repair/replacement but it also happened when my original left HA was replaced back in March, 2019. My problems connecting to ReSound Assist were described in the following post (which I’d completely forgotten about): Remote Assist - Smart 3D App Embroglio With Quattro's

The reply from the very helpful folks at ReSound app support is below:

Do you know if the hearing care professional did connect both the hearing aids to the fitting software and updated the ReSound Assist setting after the right hearing aid had been at repair?

For me it sounds like an conflict between which data we have in Cloud for your hearing aids and which data your phone/app sees.

I therefore recommend to visit the hearing care professional and have them to update your consent for the ReSound Assist.

Best regards

App Support

In a second follow-up post to the one referenced above at the beginning of April, 2019, apparently from talking to my audi I learned that the HA’s had to be connected to the Noahlink Wireless of a registered provider in order to have the serial numbers of the HA’s that you want to be elgible for OTA updates registered in the GN cloud: Remote Assist - Smart 3D App Embroglio With Quattro's

I guess the simplest explanation of these restraints is that ReSound wants to be able to collect OTA data on how you use your HA’s and without duly registering your HA’s with the ReSound cloud and consenting on a form the HCP provides, they don’t enable the OTA connection. I can see at the opposite extreme if someone were never educated by their HCP on the ReSound Assist connection, a firmware update just showed up unexpectedly someday, the person had no idea what it was or how to apply the firmware from never hearing or thinking about the prospect before and bricked their HA’s in the process, the frustrated HA users might jump on ReSound’s back saying that they never knew about or consented to such stuff, etc.

Edit_Update: Actually the thought occurred to me later that the official registration through a provider might be an effort to thwart a black market in HA’s reported as lost. Under warranty conditions for the first three years, one is entitled to a no-questions-asked replacement at a nominal fee ONCE for each ear for a HA lost or damaged. Elsewhere on the forum it has been mentioned that there is some small fraction of dishonest people who report a lost hearing aid and request a replacement. They then turn around and sell the original HA that they never really lost. If only HA’s that are duly registered can be updated and it has to be done through ReSound and a provider ReSound approves of, that would tend to squelch a black market dealing in “lost” HA’s because they can’t receive firmware updates. It’s not a very big impediment to reselling “lost” HA’s but if a provider has to be connected to ReSound’s cloud database to register for firmware updates, it’s an incentive for a provider (and ReSound) to discover funny business about an HA.

Am not suggesting that any particular person working with DIY HA’s acquired through a personal sale has done this - just speculating why ReSound makes people go to a provider to get OTA firmware updates.

Granted, but even if you’d a last generation Pixel 2XL and got Android 10 you’d still have been out of luck. Owners of various versions of Pixels had 50% support rate for ASHA. Pixel and Pixel 2 versions not supported. All Pixel 3 variants supported. Only other major phone manufacturer that has Android 10 at this point is OnePlus. Have no idea if they support ASHA. I wouldn’t bet on it.

Am I correct that Resound won’t release their update on their hearing aids until sometime next month? Their marketing department sure gave a long lead time on their announcement!

I bought Resund in America. Bought there, because neither in Europe nor in my country half a year ago they were not and still are not.
I have a Noanlink, SmartFit v.1.5 and I myself set up my “piano”. But updating of my HA firmware is impossible without the online registration of the HA. (GN Online Services)
I called up the local Resound sellers in Minsk. Before the new year 2020, they will not be able to help me with the update.
Who has any thoughts to overcome this? The answer…to come to America is not real.)))

I think that the simplest thing to say in reply is that no one should buy an expensive set of hearing aids without going to the manufacturer’s website and very carefully investigating any statements that the manufacturer makes about compatibility and function of the HA’s with any particular brand and model of smartphone. That is the only information that one should trust. HCP’s are not always up on everything they should be (my audi got wrong what the charging lights mean on the ReSound charging case, for instance).

For example, ReSound seems to put most of its emphasis on iPhone compatibility and direct streaming. Android seems like a second banana to them. On the ReSound website, they have a list of iPhones that have been tested and their compatibility status with MFI, etc. (but then Apple goes and updates the OS!). That’s the sort of thing one should be looking for on the manufacturer’s website. User reviews and claims anywhere are ancillary to that. Hopefully someday ReSound and any other OEM’s who use ASHA will have similar checked-and-approved lists for Android phones. These companies owe it to their customers to “certify” phones when they’re charging as much as $6K to $7K for a set of HA’s, especially with all the accessories.

Anyone who makes their purchase mainly based on what they’ve read on the Hearing Tracker website (a secondary source of information that is not standing by the warranty, etc.) is going about things in a rather foolish way.

So in the future if any post of mine has not included all the apparently necessary performance disclaimers about an OS or a smartphone, etc., relative to an HA, I will just link any response back to this post…:slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, not to be too snotty (:slightly_smiling_face:) but I myself did do the sort of research and thinking that I’m saying each and every person buying HA’s owes it to themselves to do. Back in August 2018, I read ReSound’s statement that ASHA would be in the Quattro’s and they would work with a FUTURE version of Android. So I said to myself, “Wait a minute! Google has already released Android Pie! What if they mean Android Q?! Could be!” So I bought my Quattro’s realizing, given Samsung’s long-standing policy of only offering its phone owners TWO Android updates, that it was highly likely my Galaxy Note 8 would not work with my Quattro’s but SOME phone running a future version of Android would. So anyone anticipating the future needs to allow for that sort of uncertainty. I did. GN Hearing and Google announce Android streaming partnership


Hi Jim, I have the Quattro’s on 90 day trial, but I think they will be returned before the end of that period. I don’t have an iPhone,although I do have a iPad, so far I’ve found the quality of the streaming very poor. I’m unable to get the 3D app. to work on my Android 9 phone.

@hindhaugh90 I totally agree with you. If something does work for you, return it and get something that works better with the stuff you already have. The Phonak Marvels seem to have a lot of happy users - maybe that’s what you should try next?

Apologies for having continued to beat the dead horse. No criticism of you was intended. I just continue to be amazed at how long this has taken to release considering the 2018 announcement. I seem to have been mistaken–Resound has officially released the update (and some subsequent ones) that allows direct streaming with Pixel 3 variants and presumably Pixel 4.

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Thanks but I did realize that all along. I was just protesting that one should be able to mention Android 10 for some reason (like here’s a list of Samsung phones that supposedly will get it) without having to throw in the ASHA disclaimer and trying to find various inventive ways to make that point. I agree with you that it remains to be seen how ASHA pans out but since I bought a Phone Clip+ the day I bought my Quattro’s and have planned all along to keep my Galaxy Note 8 at least 3 or 4 years from August, 2017, my anticipation of possibly having MFA was only a secondary very long-range reason for getting the Quattro’s.

It is funny that Google is so slow in delivering ASHA and so poor in encouraging HA OEM’s and phone OEM’s to get it into their products. Especially when they can do something like the following (I hope it’s real - but I’m not going to hold my breath for quantum computing in HA’s - but my reaction in reading the article was “Holy Moly! Three minutes and 20 seconds vs. 10,000 years!”