GN hearing DURR1 and SAS 4

New hearing aid and TV audio streaming box coming?


Will this replace both the Resound and Cochlear TV streamer?

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So that’s a new HA model in omina family as well?

you guys guess is good as mine…

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More information here: GN Hearing A/S FCC Filings
The SAS 4 has a diagram in one of the sub links

Interesting. In the GN cover letter as to why the hearing instrument does not have an FCC ID label on it, it mentions the only possible but impractical “permanent” location is “the battery door.” Thus, whatever type of HA the DURR1 is, the model appearing in the FCC docs is NOT a rechargeable (or it comes with replaceable rechargeable batteries?!).

See the following posted PDF on the FCC ID business: FCC cover letter labeling X26DURR1 Cover Letter(s)


Maybe it is for Enzo line of hearing aid for omnia, SAS 4’s resound streaming box may support auracast as well… They haven’t release a feature update for the hearing aid as well for auracast, probably waiting for Cochlear to finish their firmware update for nucleus 8 sound processor which they promised to have auracast as well

I took a look at some of the other fcc reports for GN…. All of them have that same reference to a battery door. Even the one for the CARR1, which looks like it’s for the Resound One.

Take a look at the test report, The features on page 1. @jim_lewis, you’ve researched a lot with BLE. Is this a big step forward?

Interesting. There the “features” description is the following (emphasis mine):

BLE(1 & 2 MBit+Proximity), MI, Magnetic charging @135k, rechargeable battery

So, there is magnetic charging at an RF of 135 k(Hz) of a rechargeable battery.

Relative to my previous post about a battery door in the DURR1 and your remark, @narenkona, that previous FCC docs for earlier GN HA’s have the same battery door reference, maybe all GN devices of this class insert the (permanent) rechargeable battery through a “door” that’s then sealed shut? The earlier documentation I referred to claimed they couldn’t put the FCC ID on the device anywhere else because a) a label would irritate sensitive ear skin, and, b) the label might come off.

We’re all just guessing. ReSound usually announces new devices not too long after FCC approval so something more definite should come out in the next month or two. Maybe whatever has to await an announcement by Apple at the “Wonderlust” event on 9/12/23 (10 am, PDT in the U.S., 1 pm EDT). Save the Date: Apple Officially Announces iPhone 15 Event ‘Wonderlust’ - CNET. Perhaps there will be an AirPod/AirPod Pro announcement then that’s somewhat related? (more speculation!). Hard for me to believe that via MFI Hearing Devices Apple would provide Auracast capabilities without also providing those for AirPods at some model level.

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a picture of box

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LE audio confirmed with SAS-4 Launch Studio - Listing Details


Well, this box confirms that they’re preparing new HAs.
It says “GN Making Life Sound Better”, which appears on packaging for their HAs.

@Reginald. If you also look at some of the documentation in the FCC file, it blatantly says the DURR1 is a receiver in the ear hearing aid, e.g.:

(*) Identification of item tested
RIE - Receiver In the Ear Hearing Aid

(*) Trademark
ReSound, Beltone

(*) Model and /or type reference

See @narenkona’s post: GN hearing DURR1 and SAS 4 - #9 by narenkona

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There’s an updated listing with actual product names
The new HAs have LE Audio and are certified BT 5.4

Nexia trademark filling RESOUND NEXIA Trademark Application of GN Hearing A/S - Serial Number 97780196 :: Justia Trademarks

And there have been some leaks already regarding that name.
The promo slogan is: “Next-era hearing” which makes it sound like a major upgrade.


As I can see Resound concentrates on wireless technologies, Phonak concentrates on Roger microphones, Oticon concentrates on “brain hearing”. No one has a broad view of development - hearing, wide range of microphones and Bluetooth technologies in one time.

dead link but here ya go: Launch Studio - Listing Details

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There is some additional info from training materials:

They will introduce “Nexia Micro RIEs”
and they put strong focus on “Next-era Connectivity”

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Widex seems to be the “all rounder”, their approach is similar to Oticon’s “brain hearing” and they introduced a nice remote/table mic recently.
I’m guessing that all of them will also adapt LE Audio rather quickly (seeing that WS Audiology is already doing that too). Maybe with the exception of Phonak.

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There is a “sneak peek” at Youtube, but I cannot open this movie…