Getting used to IIC


I have almost complete hearing loss on my left ear and reduced hearing on my right ear. I previously wore a RIC for the last 8 years on my right ear and nothing on my left. I wanted to give the bi-cross IIC (Signia Insio Nx with Silk Nx Bi-cross) a try but am struggling with both the physical comfort level and the quality of the sound - in particular my own voice. When I wore the RIC I really didn’t think about that I was wearing HA. With this set up I think about it every single second. Now, I’m only on my 2 week so my question is whether you get used to this over time? And if so, how long should I give it. I really want this to work but right now it is driving me crazy. Anybody with similar experience?



Does this Signia model offer the Own Voice Processing? That can help some. There are three levels it can be set at, after the training is done.



You can try a different click sleeve, one that is vented. Click sleeves should be very comfortable so you may need a different size and/or venting.



I guess first question is what are you trying to improve upon by moving to IIC? The voice quality issues sounds like altering the venting might help and Sierra has a point about OVP. However, unless there’s a pressing need/desire to use IIC, I’d go back to RIC.

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Thank you for your responses. I’ve decided to dump the IIC and am now trying an RIC with CROS. I have questions about that one too but will create a new thread.