Getting spam calls to my InnoCaption number

Hello, I have the Innocaption app. Does anyone keep getting unknown callers and spam callers almost daily? Very annoying and blocking will not do anything because they are all different numbers. I just never answer.

Does this work for other area code calls? I gave this number to someone and said they could not make the call. Maybe they got it wrong.

I am still weary of giving out the InnoCaption phone as my phone.

If you have a phone number the odds are you are going to get those calls.
I get those calls on both my regular cell number and my Google Voice number.
Plus I get the daily spam text.
I have Innocaption also.
Ido not give out the number.
When I call using it, it gives my cell number.
It’s part of modern life.

I think this phone is worse than my cell phone number that from time to time will get a random caller.

If you use the number at all, once it’s out there it’s all she wrote.
Also possible Innocaption is not monitored by the phone spam protection, and not monitored by the cell company.
They are on their own.

I thought about registering to the do not call list, but that does not protect from spammers calling just legit organizations cannot call if the number is on the do not call list or must remove number if you ask them to. I wonder if there is a web to register number to reduce spam callers? I am going to look anyway. Never know.

If you find it let us know.
I also think they use computers that just starts dialing numbers in an area code.

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I have Innocaption.
No problems with unknown callers or spam.

National Do Not Call Registry

I get them almost daily. I have not had to use InnoCaption and I am about to remove the app. I never get any from Caption Call. I have my own cell phone but I don’t get this much spam or unknown caller like InnoCaption. It’s getting real annoying.

With innocaption you have to use their phone number. So does that mean I have to notify all my contacts and God knows who else if I want my calls captioned. It that how it works?

They give you a phone number. All of the phone caption company do, but you can use call forwarding so any call received to your cell phone will go to the caption, so they never have to get your caption phone number. However, I cannot use it because my phone company does not support call forwarding, so I cannot use it.

Magical Fairy is correct about using call forward from your phone number to the Innocaption number. Luckily for me, my phone company does have call forwarding so this works well for me.
Also, you have the choice of using ASR ( automated speech recognition ) or stenographers for third party captioning. I use the ASR.
The only time I had a problem with the ASR, ( just once ), I had received a phone call from someone with a heavy accent, where the ASR could not interpret the words correctly.
You can also use your desk top computer with Innocaptions also. Have not tried this yet.
Hope this helps.

Thank you and I apologize for taking this thread off track. I most definitely didn’t want to change my phone number

I know InnoCaption is continuing to work on implementing stronger spam controls and already has a spam filter in their app to help.

Have you tried using it? It’s accessible by going to Settings —> Spam Call Filter —> Enable

I use InnoCaption. What I do is give people my cell phone as I have call forwarding, so the InnoCaption number seamlessly transfers a call to my native cell phone number.

I believe InnoCaption can change the phone number they have in your account so you have a number where it’s less likely to occur.

The problem is that spam has increased so much so quickly so my cell phone number is spammed all the time.

I would definitely recommend using call forwarding with InnoCaption and instead give people your native cell phone number. This way, it’s just one number for both calls and texts. Plus, if the InnoCaption number is receiving a lot of spam, then it could be changed without you needing to change your number.

I have found InnoCaption support to be amazing.

I would also recommend Hiya, as it shows caller ID and can sync with your phone block list so you can use either Apple or Hiya to block spam numbers.

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Yes, I have it enabled and sometimes it says it is a spam caller or unknown caller. No one knows my InnoCaption phone so none of the calls I get are anyone I know. For now I have removed notification, so I stop feeling annoyed. Maybe I will request a new phone number at another time.