Getting a CT scan on a tooth with/without HA's on?

Just thought I’d throw this out. I had to get a CT scan on a tooth yesterday.

You stand up and put your chin on a “rest” and the tech puts this CT scanner around your head. Red laser lines appear on your face as the tech targets the specific tooth. He/she steps away & punches a button, the scanner auto rotates around the target, banging and taking picture “slices” of the target.

A little Star War ish if you know what I mean.

Anyway, before she started I said"what about my hearing aids" & she sort of shrugged. She said most people forget they have them in.

I took mine out “just in case”.

Can they be damaged by getting scanned? PLEASE, don’t just guess, there is not really any point to that except your fingers get some exercise typing. If you know, or have a tech background re: CT scanners, tell me what you think.


In my experience yes you should take out your hearing aids and place in a safe location away from the scanner.

they have the same rig at my dentist and I have nevered bothered taking them out same for CTs in the hospital. ALWAYS take them out for an MRI.

CT is Computerized Tomography, which is a fancy word for “Multiple X-ray scans”. Xrays won’t damage you hearing aids.

BUT, since hearing aids are not transparent to Xray photons, they would be visible on the radiography, and maybe ruin the scan/radiography/whatever, wasting time and forcing you to receive a double dosis of radiation (which isn’t neccesary bad, but you knows, it’s better if you could avoid unnecesary exposure).

MRI and hearing aids are a big no-no. They could even fry the hearing aids.

To sum up: better stop wearing the HA when you’re undergoing some form of medical image (MRI/CT)