Genesis AI - Fitting Help - Feedback Chirp

I am looking for help/insight to help my Audi identify the adjustment that could be made to eliminate a constant (at least once a minute) “feedback chirp”. While in quiet, I get a “random” chirp. It is very brief, like the aid is going into a feedback, however the aid stops it/corrects the feedback quickly (which I am sure the software is doing what it is supposed to do). It happens in both ears and is very annoying. I did not have this issue with the Livio Edge AI. I have noticed one trigger I can identify, if I am in my office (quiet setting) and I click my computer mouse this will trigger the chirp. Many times there is not an audible sound (at least to me) I can identify causing it. So, I have to assume it is a frequency sound the aid picks up, and it is below my hearing threshold causing the feedback correction to cancel. If I am active, in noise, I do not notice the chirp (although it may still be happening). I also noticed putting in and removing my aids, I get a lot of feedback squeal - something I did not have with the Livio Edge AI, or the Halos.

I wear the RIC 24 Genesis AI, and I have fitted silicone ear molds, the feedback software has been ran a couple of times - once during the initial fitting and during a follow up visit. I do not believe my fit is near the maximum range of the power curve for the receiver (just observing the graph on the Starkey fitting screen). My Audi did state he has heard those with “non-sloping” hearing loss have been less impressed with Genesis AI fitting (I love the battery life, waterproof, and reliability of the app). My loss is pretty flat, roughly same loss across all frequencies (65-75db), cookie bite-ish.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Have you turned off Feedback Control completely to see if it goes away?

Oticon have issues with Feedback Control and despite rerunning the feedback test, issues are still there. Turning it off, allows you to find out if it’s the Feedback Control being the issue.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I will pass along to my audiologist and see if we can test this.

I don’t know if this is helpful, but here it is.

Hearing Aids
• Whistle
• Chirp
Pro Fit Adjustments
• Initialize feedback cancellation with hearing aid in the ear
• Reduce Adaptive Feedback Cancellation Sensitivity (Strong to Subtle,
Subtle to Off) via the Feedback Canceller screen
• Reduce Overall Gain
Other Considerations
• Manage acoustic options for better fit and positioning of the
hearing aid in the ear
• Utilize Speech Mapping to identify feedback peak and decrease gain at peak
• Feedback cancellation needs to be re-initialized any time the acoustic
characteristics of the hearing aid are changed (e.g. shell modification,
new earmold)

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Thank you, I will also share this next week. Greatly appreciate your help.