GE Resound Azure AZ60-DI

Found these at a great price. Does any one know if the represent current state of the art or are they old technology?

I have mild/moderate to severe hearing loss mostly in the higher frequencies. (It starts at about 40 in the low freq and goes down to around 75 in the high freq.)

I have 2 Siemans Centra Active on trial and they are just okay, in fact they are too much like my 2 and half year old Siemans Acuris Life. So I think maybe I need to try something other than Siemans and was just wondering if any one has info on the Azure AZ60-DI.


They are relatively new technology. I tried a pair last August when they were first available in the U.S., but decided to stay with my GN ReSound Pulse aids.

Thanks jay man2.

Would $1,400 for a pair be a good price for the Azure?

get the azure siloete - it looks real cool

I’ve been wearing the GN Resound Azure mini BTE version hearing aids for the last 4 months. These hearing aids are the latest leading edge technology and have many features and settings. The sound is extremely natural/accurate and the noies reduction for noisy environments in amazing. If you do a search on my name, you will see some of the positive things I’ve posted about them.

The only thing they don’t have is the new receiver in the ear capabilities like the Dot and competing brands. As far as I can tell, the main advantage of having the receiver in the ear for a mini BTE is that the unit can be made a bit smaller (like the Dot, etc).

My only complaint so far is the lack of a good solution for listening to my iPod using headphones, etc. Over the ear headphones worked really well with my old CIC hearing aids but while these open fit mini BTEs are amazing, you really don’t have too many options for using headphones. The telecoil technologies in hearing aids picks up too much interference.

Here is some advice. Make sure you hook up with a good audiologist who knows these hearing aids well. They are complicated and and there is no substitute for the fine tuning process you need to go through with an audiologist to make them really perform well for you.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


small correction… the issue of having a receriver in the ear is insertion gain…

Here is a spec sheet. The Azure has a nice battery recharger - possibly inductive (no plugin). $1400 for a pair would be a killer price.