I got fitted with an Avio 5 about 6 weeks ago. At first, everything seemed so loud, and I felt like someone had turned on my “Spidey Sense”. But as I grew accustomed to the hearing aid (my first), I found that everything sort of leveled off. The past 2 weeks, I have found myself wearing my hearing aid less and less because I am annoyed at how loud things like clicking keys on a computer keyboard is, and I don’t feel much of a benefit when in a conversation. Sure it’s nice to hear wind chimes and chirping birds outside, but my real issue is with understanding speech. I’ve been back to Costco twice for adjustments, and the adjustments helped a little initially, but seem to fade as I get more accustomed.

Is the Avio 5 considered a good hearing aid? I wanted to try a Bernafon Verite, but the dispenser at Costco convinced me to go with the Avio 5. Would I benefit from a Bernafon more than with an Avio5? Is the dispenser at Costco just not making the correct adjustments?


Don’t give up, I am not an expert, but sounds to me like you need the high frequencies turn down some, it will help with the noises you describe, keyboard, dishes water running etc…

I use the Bernafon Verite I can tell you I am very happy with these HA’S.

If your in your trial period, you should trial something else…
Good luck on your search.