From ReSound Preza to Jabra EP 20

I lost my HA and my new one’s are do in two weeks. I had the ReSound Preza and the new ones are the Jabra Enhance pro 20. Both from Costco. I’m sure they will be better but how much better. 2-3 years of technology. Hoping the adjustments for “Hear in noise” will help. I will have the fitter make a new program so I can manually adjust. Love to hear your thoughts on this.

As an aside, a topic name like ‘from ReSound Preza to Jabra EP 20’ might get more nibbles…lol.

I have 4 programs that work for me; all around, hear in noise, music and outdoors. I have had mine over a month now as my first HAs, so I may not be of much help. I have been trying each of them.
I like the music program as I stream music a lot… safter missing the highs for so many years. I asked my HCP to do some things to greatly increase the bass response and over all sound quality. I started by getting rid of the open domes for closed domes to get back some of the bass notes leaking out,. Then they increased the bass response options in music and streaming programs.
I also asked for the M&RIE receivers and there are a couple treads on here that discuss these. Bottom line for me is they have an extra mic in the in ear receiver and can make sound more natural if you are a candidate for them. I use these with power domes for my frequency loss and it further helps bass response.
When not streaming, I spend time in all around mostly, then hear in noise…both of which will quickly cut off my grandson’s high pitched squeals and cries And lastly outdoors when outside…
I am very satisfied with the sound quality. I hope you enjoy yours and that other more experienced ones will look here.


“from ReSound Preza to Jabra EP 20”
Good idea thanks.

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I’m making the same upgrade. Mine are due in 3 wks. Also looking for the touted improved speech in noise. I have been very happy with my overall Resound/Jabra experience so far. I’ve had the KS6’s and my current Preza’s. (Even have a couple pairs of their ear buds,) Sound feels natural, iphone & watch app work well, mostly hassle free. I opt for replaceable batteries, don’t ever want to get caught short. I think Jabra is the only, or one of a few, who still offer a replaceable battery option. I typically get 7-8 days out of a pair of 13’s with a lot of streaming - podcasts, music on phone and the TV streamer. With all my other chargeable tech, I love not having to worry about my HAs.


I find the Hear in Noise setting especially excellent when talking with single employees in large noisy areas like big stores–those stationed at a window.