Free hearing aid for feedback

Hi all! I’m a founder of a hearing aid company who’s launching our newest version of the product.

Looking for a few people who would be interested in giving feedback and reviewing the product.

No catch. I have a limited quantity and want to get some feedback. If you want to help, send me a note so we can coordinate and I will give one for free.

Thanks for the help!


@Sam_B Welcome to the forum, I hope you will find here what you are looking for.

I hope you are not this guy :point_down:t3:

On another note, which geographical area are you targeting for the trial?
USA, Canada, Chile, Kuala Lumpur, Arctic Circle, The Moon, Jupiter…?

Also, which hearing aids users are you after?
Mild, moderate, severe or profound hearing loss.

Will the participants keep the hearing aids after the trial has ended?

Also, will the participants get paid?

What kind of freebies will the participants get, examples but not limited to:

  • Free tour of the Sphere and lunch at the Bellagio
  • Free 10 days skiing at the Swiss Alps
  • Free 15 days hunting trip in AUS

Thank you for helping the hearing aids community.


I second all these questions!!

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I would be glad to trial, but i have pretty bad hearing and would probably require a mold for my bad ear. I would be a good candidate for testing high loss or unequal loss although have a feeling im not the standard aid customer because of my loss

Be careful friends, this sounds(no pun intended) like a scam…
I may be wrong but just saying.


Yeah, i agree. It’s most likely a scam. I was trying to flush the scammer out. I saw he has no profile and that would seem pretty odd for someone that’s trying to actually promote their product.

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It would help if you posted a picture of your trial “hearing aid”. Not only would that give you some credibility here, but folks would be able to judge if it might even work for them and their lifestyle.

My other suggestion would be to specify if this is an OTC launch, prescription aid, or any bells & whistles (except that annoying FEEDBACK kind) your aids offer.

I’m always a willing laboratory rat, but right now I have nothing to judge if your “newest version of the product” is a tin ear trumpet held in place with my right hand, a rechargeable item, or something that takes a simple 312 or 13 battery.


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