Four bells ringing in my Oticon Opn 1 miniRITE


Picked up my Oticon Opn1 miniRITEs yesterday. First time having one for each ear. Prior to this I had a Resound Forte from Costco in my right ear only.

All I can say is WOW!! Haven’t been able to hear this well in many years. I have the 100 for my right ear, which makes it a little challenging to get in properly and an 85 for my left ear.

So far so good. Been using the app for the last 24 hrs and it’s working ok, just taking some time to get used to. Looks like I’m going to have to follow the programming and software thread for these because of my loss. With my Meniere’s I have good hearing days and bad hearing days. Evidently the test these settings were based off of was one of my bad days and today was a good day, thus they were blowing me out of my chair. While the app on the iPhone is ok I don’t like having to adjust it so many times in a day. The audi who programmed it for me asked if I was having a good or bad day and frankly I couldn’t tell until I was on the road home and realized just how high all the sounds were. But, at that point I wasn’t turning around and going back. Besides, the VA is quite away from my house and I prefer not to go through their appointment process and the drive to get them adjusted.

I’m going to wait a few more days to pass judgement because having never had one in my left ear it will take some time to get used to.

Figured out how to get the music streaming working and while not of super quality, it’s really not that bad for a lay person. On second thought I really only have one question I can use help on.

Today, while out and about in my car, every time I would start the car up I would get four bells ringing in my ears! I know that’s suppose to be an indication of a program change but that’s not what I was doing. All I did was start the car. Obviously it’s something to do with the auto Bluetooth since it’s paired to my phone and the phone is paired to my HA. Anything I can do to stop the bells except learn to live with it? Thanks



I’ve never heard of 4 bells going off when starting the car on the OPN before. The only 4 note chimes are the "device turned off due to low battery ", program 4, and the flight mode, that I know of.

The program 4 doesn’t chime on unless you manually switch to it.

Bluetooth connection to the iPhone is automatic. There’s no chime for it.

If the hearing aid detects magnetic field of a speaker close by, it’ll give off a two tone chime automatically



I am being fitted with my Oticon OPN 1 MiniRITE today. Just received Noah Wireless and opened app with no issues. I am very technical and hope we can help each other through this. I also programed my Starkey Hala 2’s for the first time on my own last night. Long way to go with learning both software packages and now I realize why so many audiologist have issues with programing with the software and chose only one brand to sell. The Genie 2 software looks much more user friendly than Starkey. Night and day. I do feel with learning from this forum I will be up and running in no time. When you live in a rural area it is very hard to get someone with experience in all hearing aids and I feel I should be able to chose the ones that I want based on me and not ones that the audiologist can program.



Go to the DIY section and find the thread on OPN programming. There should be lots of information there to help you.



BLOL. Sorry folks. Went to town this morning in the wife’s SUV and noticed it has five bells that ring when it’s first started. I mmediatelyasked her if she heard the bells and she told me it has always been that way.

Kind of embarrassed to say it wasn’t my aids ringing at all. Just a sound I had never heard when starting the car before! Did I mention how nice it is to be able to hear again?

Now all I have to do is read as much as I can about programming these and getting the wireless setup purchased. Will leave anyfirmware updates to the VA to do when necessary but I have to be able to set up programs myself. Right now I’m having to turn every thing down because of initial setup. Have already downloaded the Genie2 software but I’m nowhere close to being ready

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Do you have the Oticon Opn S1 miniRITEs or the OPN1.
I have the Oticon Opn S1 miniRITEs and they are amazing so far. Just one preset so far with volume control and I too am no where ready to program myself but learning. I am hoping I can program in car mode to turn down the noises which are there even for a normal person but my truck 2009 F150 does have too much wind noise so hoping to tune that out some rather than buy new truck, Ha.



I’ve got the miniRITE’s also. These are far better than just the one Resound Forte. I will attribute that to having two now instead of just one. Love the tv streamer I got with mine also. Nice, crisp and clear sound. Makes tv nice to watch again.

Still not sure about pursuing the self programming any further. The ON app seems to be handling my problems ok. It’s just that I have to get to my phone quick when I first turn them on or I end up getting blown away!

Still not sure about paying for the wireless programmer that I probably won’t have toile that often. Money might be spent better on a new golf club! LOL.

Good luck with yours. I did have my Audi program P2 for wind noise. I spend a lot of time outdoors.



So you have OPN-S or the older OPN. OPN-S just came out this year I believe.



Older one but it has everything I need and is working great so far.