Foreign speakers

Just spent 45 min trying to unsubscribe from local paper online. Very heavy accents, high pressure. Finally got promise to not charge me again in 3 months.
On plus side they were all very polite.
I think it says something very negative about a publisher that doesn’t respect their readers enough to hire native speakers even though I fully support those other people’s right to make a living.

I think it is very difficult to hire a native American speaker when your telephone center is in India or other Asian countries.

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For English speaking countries, it is very cheap to outsource to India for that kind of services. You have to speak very slowly to them. Words by words. It is advisable to ask for an email from them to reconfirm your conversation, just in case.
Good Luck!

Precisely my point! My cell phone carrier has native American help personnel which is another reason I love them. I don’t know if we can mention companies by name, but their initials are CC.

I tried. Was attempting to unsubscribe from local paper bc they eliminated comments section. He kept saying comics section was very popular. I spelled it for him several times, but I don’t think he got it.
I don’t feel enough is said about the extreme difficulty the hearing impaired have with foreign accents.
I wish I had asked for a confirmation email as you suggested, but I didn’t.

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Consumer Cellular, great company, excellent service and the ability to change your plan at any time. We have used them for many years.

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That’s the company. I, too, have used them many years and recommended them to all my family and friends. If they can afford to charge low prices and hire native speakers it’s obvious all the other companies could as well if greed weren’t a primary driver for them.

I have issues with Canadian tv.

I find I have difficulties understanding too. Sometimes they talk too fast.

Lately the interviewers face each other. I can’t see what they are saying

So time has passed. About a year. I’m doing better now. I’ve found a new practitioner who is more skilled than my Audi was. I’ve had several hearing tests. I learned my hearing is 10-20 dB worse than my Audi reported several weeks before I changed.

Yes I have trouble understanding sales pitches from call centres over there. I hope this helps