For Sale - 2x Phonak Sky B50-UP Used only for 5 months

I would like to sell my child’s 2x Phonak Sky B50-UP used only for 5 months before receiving the IC.

Would love to sell these devices at $950 (for both).

There are many Naida B70 and B90 on eBay which is the same as Sky B70 and B90 going for around $200 to $300 at the moment.

Unfortunately very unlikely to get $2000 for these.

Even the newer Phonak Marvel Bluetooth Aids are being sold for less then $2000.

Honestly I bought them for 2000$ each, 4000$ for both (on July 2021). Here I would like to sell them both at 2000$ (they have been used only for 5 months) but I’m open to reasonable offers.

With that money, people can buy a newer hearing aid. The Belong series you have is almost 5 years old. I’m not saying your hearing aid has been used that much.
My advice is don’t sell, keep the hearing aid because you won’t get it at the price you’re asking for.
Keep this hearing aid as a spare if current one breaks.

I agree $2000 is not something the OP will get.

Here in the UK P90 Aids are being sold for around £1000 to £1295 which is around $1500.

I think the OP is selling them because her son now has Cochlear Implants so the Aids are useless for him.

Some people get more money by donating them and getting some sort of tax back. I don’t live in the US. It is something i have only read.

Yes you’re right, I’m selling them as my child now have a Cochlear Implants, then I don’t need them anymore.

I’m from Italy and donating them we get back nothing in terms of taxes.
But are you telling me that in UK or US you can buy 2 brand new P90 aids with about $1500 (total for 2 aids)?

Nobody is questioning the ops desire to sell these aids. And everyone understands that the op is thinking he or she is being resonable regarding the price considering how much they originally paid for the aids. Unfortunately, the reality is that the aids are used, come with no warranty, and can be bought at a substantially cheaper price elsewhere

Second hand, yes. Give or take a few dollars etc. Not brand new.

Realised i didn’t say second hand.

Thanks for your clarification, so it’s clear for me that I’ll need to reconsider my expectation for this sale.

How does it work in Italy?

Can you post them locally especially if people in Italy get no help with the cost of hearing aids?

I mean advertise them.

It could be strange but eBay rules in Italy forbid to sell such kind of Aids as they are medical devices for which you need a medical prescription, then eBay cancelled my ad. You can sell them, even used, only if you are e an official dealer, not a private one.


Same rules here in UK on eBay as well now!

The only way eBay take them down is, if someone reports. Apparently eBay are too busy to take listings down themselves for HAs.

What about Facebook Marketplace?

You might be able to sell them through your audiologist but if course he’ll want his cut which would be probably half. But to be honest with you I doubt many will be willing to pay 2000 for aids without a warranty from a person they don’t know. Then they still need to get them programmed

some Facebook groups about hearing aids are also an ideal place to advertise.

hopefully open to donations for those in need.

Let me give you an example. Had a pair of marvels. Bought them because they were best sounding for me but we’re only sp when I needed up. Audi called phonak to find out if marvels we’re coming out in up. They said no. 8 months later out come the paradise in up. I trialed them liked them better but couldn’t be shelling out that money all over again, so soon. Audi got phonak to let me have paradise aids at cost. Then the Audi got phonak to extend the warranty on the marvels so he could sell them. He eventually was able to sell the marvels at the same price the op wants for the sky aids. But warranties are usually not transferable from one owner to another. And I’m telling you, from this experience, no one would buy used aids without a warranty. Would you?

People do but not for $2000.

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Isn’t that the whole point of this thread.

You just said ‘used Aids without a warranty’ which isn’t true.