FM systems

I’m getting one with my hearing aids in 2 weeks does anyone know where I can see styles of them and prices ?

Can you give me the make and model of your hearing aids?

I have a Phonak Naida, so I currently use a custom FM receiver.

I use a Phonak Smartlink SX transmitter, in which its pluses include bluetooth capability, discreet size, and ability to work with most FM systems.

I will be testing a Comfort Contego transmitter tomorrow, which is supposed to have better privacy as well as more controls, but is not bluetooth and seems a little bit big in size:

let me know your aid model, so I can apply my info to match your aids…

I have the smartling sx with integrated receiver and I love it. They are both by phonak, not sure what HA you have but if it’s not a phonak you can’t get the integrated receiver but the fm is great and has 3 diff mic settings depending on the listening situation

It still is possible (according to Phonak) to use another brand of hearing aid with the correct DAI boot that will work with the compatible FM receiver (DAI). Phonak receivers are recommended by Phonak for their transmitters, but other receivers can be used as long as it’s in the same frequency as the FM transmitter.

AliciaM89: I also have the same setup as you regarding FM (Smartlink SX & ML10i), though I have the Phonak Naida UP hearing aids.

Here are some links…there are a lot more to look at, just “google” for FM listening systems or similar…

Do you still have the Phonak Una hearing aid(s)? Have you used your bluetooth function? What listening areas have you used it for?

Sorry for the excessive questions, I’m actually still testing the field in FM ALS. I love mt Smartlink SX, but I still have not entirely tested all its functions…

Thats ok ask away! lol I do still have the una although not sure how much longer since they are almost maxed out! :frowning: …I have used the bluetooth function although i find it a pain in the ass since u have to turn the bluetooth on the phone and then on the transmitter and i find it a waste of time so i dont use that function often…also the battery dies quicker…but i like how the transmitter has the diff mic settings for diff listening situations which is good. I use my fm system mainly for school although I use it once in awhile for the blueetooth function while I am driving in the car.

your 2 natural choices are Phonaks and Oticon (amigo)

I would say the obvious choice is phonak

I am current using a Phonak ZoomLink FM System with Micro Tech 12 Radius HA. I am looking for some one who is serious to profound in the hearing department to tell there experience with using the FM System, I don’t care what brand, I would like to know ur experience?
Thanks in advamce. :slight_smile:

What info are you looking for? I use a Smartlink SX transmitter with 2 Phonak FM ML10i receivers

If you want to pretty much know what I use the FM equipment for, currently it’s being used in meetings and some phone conversation that I use with my bluetooth connection. I also use it in listening to music on the computer