Fluctuating hearing with otosclerosis?

I was recently diagnosed with otosclerosis, with a moderate hearing loss in my left ear. At times, my right ear appears to exhibit similar symptoms, which I understand can occur, as otosclerosis is typically bilateral. However, I have been having some apparently unusual issues as well. Occasionally, pressure changes cause my ear to ‘open up’, and I can hear fairly normal. This lasts from one minute up to twenty minutes, but never much longer. My ENT appears a bit stumped by this. I was hoping someone could provide feedback, as to whether this occurs with otosclerosis. I do not have any vertigo and only mild tinnitus, which is consistent, even when hearing improves in my left ear. Any help on this is much appreciated.

Well certainly the best person to answer this is an ENT. Since otosclorosis is a mechanical loss, it is within the realm of possibility that the pressure change gets the ossicles & in particular the footplate of the stapes into another position where it is not quite as fixed. I did have a failed stapedectomy where this occurred phenomena occurred for a few weeks. In my case the pressurization is what allowed the prosthetic to make good contact with the incus. If your ENT does not treat a lot of otot… patients you may want to seek out a new one, even if it means a little driving.

Thanks Zafdor, for the response! I have an appointment with a new ENT, to get a second opinion this week. Hopefully, this will provide me more clearcut answers. Take care.

Its possible that you may have a mixed hearing loss and are experiencing Menieres or you could have fluid built up in the middle ear. Be sure to get several opinions before undergoing surgery!

Hearing loss is deterioration in hearing.I thought you should go to a good ENT as soon as possible.It is usually treat with a course of steroids.The most common cause is exposure to noise.