Flesh tone or hair color?

Which do you feel to be the less noticeable hearing aid case color for users with short haircuts and open fit hearing aids?

Grey, black or practically any color says “high tech modern device” which could be a hands free cell phone earpiece, wireless stereo headphones, etc. Flesh tone says only one thing: “Hello I am a hearing aid.”

I completely agree! Although…I went for beige :stuck_out_tongue:

I have short blonde hair and anything else was more noticable. I wish I had the guts to go bright pink, but I don’t.

Now that you have me thinking about it again, I wonder how difficult it would be to change colours? Any suggestions for a blonde who is in the HA closet pax?

With the Rexton Gem 12s from Costco you have a variety of color choices, and the audie can change the color for you if you decide on something different. Judt pop a couple of pins, pull and replace the covers, and replace the pins.

My America Hears SIEs are beige and my GN ReSound Pulses are brownish, and nobody notices either of them.

When I asked my audi which she recommended – flesh tone or hair color – she said her opinion was that matching hair color (as close as possible anyway) was less noticeable. My hair, however, gave her a little problem as it is a mixture of brown, light brown, gray, and white, and with summer coming I’ll be outside a lot which will lighten it up some more.


some instruments have dual color, base being say black and the shell being grey
this is the best of both worlds.

I however, agree with the previous posting

Confused beige is probably a good pick since you are blonde. Too bad the shells aren’t easier to change because you could go with “green with envy” when you are feeling saucy.

Have any YES wearers changed colors? If so, how much for extra shells and any chance of doing it yourself? Aparently, two shells make up the YES case and you can mix and match.

Flesh colored HA’s look like they are trying to be something they are incapable of being - invisible.

My audi said a middle gray color blended in with my hair color really well, and taupe matched the back of my glasses well too. I’ve noticed even in-ear models look better when not flesh colored - the darker gray and brown seem to disappear inside the ear much better. I saw a woman with dark hair pulled back in a ponytail with black BTH aids and they were almost unnoticeable against her hair color.

Go with what your audi says she is impartial and can see them the way other people will. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just told that you cannot see my aids anyway because of my hair (see photo: go to ‘Community -> Pictures & Albums -> click on pic to open album’ ) so I might as well go for the lime green :smiley:

PS no that pic does not show the colour of my hair. It is more gold than ash…bad lighting! Ahhh, now that reminds me, I think Phonak YES have gold! YES!!!

Agree. My AH LOF are light and dark gray and non wearers really do not notice them but the Beltone lady came in late to church soon after I got the AH’s and sat down behind me and she noticed them BIG time and reminded me she sold hearing aids too. I did a setting with her for testing but not a fitting. :slight_smile:

Wow! had I seen this photo out of context I don’t think I’d have realized it was of a hearing aid =D Are the cShells anywhere close to being this attractive?

When people used to put a horn up to their ear to hear, do you think they worried about what color the horn was?:wink:

In the UK some think that flesh tone says:
“I am a poor person. This is a National Health Service aid wot I got free”
whereas a grey or other colour says:
“I am a rich person. I PAID for my hearing aids.”

I used a clear glass horn so it wouldn’t be noticeable.


“There are no grades of vanity, there are only grades of ability in concealing it”

I don’t try to hide my aids anymore - I would really like for my next pair to be pink, but I decided to order Unitron Passport, and unfortunately they only come in very sedate colors. But, back when I did try to hide my aids, I was most succesful with BTEs that matched my hair, which is dark brown. I had a pair of Oticon aids that were dark brown with molds that were clear with flesh tone flecks in them. People very rarely noticed them unless I wore a ponytail.

That’s why they make spray cans of paint!! :wink:

Shi-Ku (Rembrandt I’m not!) Chishiki


is the passport out yet? I dont think right?

I wrote to Unitron a few weeks ago, and they told me the Passport would be available June 15. My audi called earlier this week to see about ordering mine, and they said they would ship them on the 15th, so I expect to get mine in about two weeks. I’m trying out the Moxi 13 (CRT) with uDirect and Smart Control.

I would wait to see the features before ordering. From what I have heard, It will be
an instrument similar to siemens, Oticon. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Being that they are part of the sonova group, I wonder why not having something similar
to exelia?