First time hearing aid user

So I’m Ex Military and well thats where I had my hearing damaged. I will soon be getting the Phonak Ambra ITC hearing aids. Just curious if anyone uses these? I have Moderate to profound hearing loss mainly I cant hear low sounds such as kids, women and have trouble with echoing rooms alot. I have terrible tennitus. Im really not sure what to expect with hearing aids. I put it off for years, but I finally gave in. I should be getting them in the next 2 weeks from the VA. Anyways any help or info on how these perform would be appreciated. I do not have my hearing loss stats, I will try to update with them when I can.

without seeing your numbers or knowing if there is a special reason I would have never put you in ITC aids. I would have put you in some high end RICs with custom molds. But, since I live off the government dole I’m probably not current seeing as I only fit 6 or 8 pair of aids a week. Let’s see what our internet a-hole Shi-Ku Chishiki ShiKu has to suggest…

Well if they do not work out I can try the other ones you suggested. Do not remember seeing them as a choice when I went in though. Soon as I get my numbers I will post them.

Doc Jake,
You sound like you might be Mic Shu aka ImBack, is that you under a new name?

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Help me here. I have been using aids for some forty years and I see ITC and RIC. What does this mean. I guess I am really behind the curve. That’s why I am not getting the most for my products I guess. Thanks.

ITC stands for: in the canal and are custom fit HA’s that are partially visible in your outer ear. RIC stands for: receiver in the canal and is a BTE that has the receiver placed in your ear canal, rather than having the receiver in the HA and using tubes with domes or molds to channel the sound into your ear.

Kind of long, I feel like Im in a constant and never ending drama with everyone around me which includes fellow co-workers and friends in general.

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I will summarize my response. Not knowing your exact hearing threshold scores…

  1. First timers are a liitle more challenging to fit…especially with ITC/ITE aids as these tend to give a "plugged up " feeling. If not and cosmetics are your worry then try CIC aids with large vents/holes.

  2. My choice would be tiny behind/over the ear aids with a small earmold or even a dome rubber tip to keep the ear canal open and therefore sound is not so “unnatural” and the ear not so “plugged”. Only problem is squealing feedback if your loss is pretty bad. Can always get another earmold to keep the feedback away if need be.

More important than the aid is the person programming/adjusting the thing! Cannot help you there unless you are in Palm Springs.

I work at a VA and fit seemingly a million freakin aids a week. Keep in mind…if you are absolutely not happy with what you have you can go in and have them re-programmed by somebody else OR
Change the model or company altogether…you have 4 months from the initial fitting! Usually you can change them one time in these cases.
The companies I like to deal with are:
And I do not like all the models of any one company…certain models only. The Ambra is not bad …fit them all the time although had an issue with Phonak recently but basically easy to program and the sound is good if …
Good luck!

Does the VA offer the Ambra mini? If so I might try that BTE one. I have moderate - Profound hearing loss. These ITE HA are ok…but the plugged up feeling is a pain. If the VA does Offcer the Ambra Mini I am going to get those. I hear the clarity is better with them which is what I need. At this point I can hear “better”, but still have issues understanding what people are saying.

I wouldn’t go for the mini if I was in your shoes: not enough power from the battery TBH, the standard Audeo S RIC would be a better option IMHO. You might still need an occluding mould to get enough power in there.

So it would be a downgrade from my current ambras ITE model? Just trying to make sure I get something thats gonna last me a while. Not sure the policy of hearing aids with the VA. If I get worse do they issue new ones…things like that.

Not a technology downgrade, just one of suitability. The mini fits milder losses well, but wouldn’t be such a good idea with more severe types. Naida IX is equivalent if you want to get the same features in a powerful RIC package.

So can my current HA be adjusted to improve clarity?