First day of lyric hearing aids sound quality

Hi all!!
I’m currently on day 1 with the lyric hearing aids, and i’m not sure how to feel about it. I know the volume is not the problem but the ‘sound’ quality if that makes sense?? It sounds very ‘soft’. I’ve been a starkey CIC user for over 13 years since I was about 10 years old, and i’ve never felt this way about the sound quality with their hearing aids. I really wanted to try out the lyric because of the invisibility, not having to worry about changing the battery out in public, etc. I know people have said give it about a week or 2 to really get used to it but I have tested it out by going to the mall, talking with people, and going through a drive through at mcdonalds but every time i’m talking or someone talks to me their voices aren’t like normal. It sounds very low or soft but it’s not like quiet. I’m not sure if i’m making any sense but if anyone knows what I’m talking about please let me know what it is!! So i can tell my audiologist and have her fix it before my trial is up :slight_smile: thank you ~

Lyric HAs are analog HA. Most modern HA are digital. I imagine they will sound different than everyone else on the market outside of Widex’s ZeroDelay algorithm. Based on your description, it appears you need the volume increased. Did the Audiologist not give you the magnetic wand (and instructions) on how to increase/decrease the volume?

*Not a lyric user but I have read up them.

Not sure which aspects you’re specifically referring so my comment may be completely off
but for me, I can tell the difference in the sound quality/tonal profile between the 3 brands of IIC/CIC I’ve tried. One of them was beautiful/rich (Oticon), one was really ugly (Widex), one was ok (Phonak). I stuck with the OK one for other reasons and still miss the beautiful one*. This is not something that can be changed like how different instruments has their own character too.

*I prefer warm round sound.

I have tried Lyric twice (versions 3 & 4).
The “quiet situation” sound quality is wonderful - it just sounds right - nothing processed about it - voices regain the character you expect just by looking at the person speaking. However, that perfect sound disappears outside of the “quiet situation”.
There is NO bass. All car doors sound as if they are made from thin tin can material when they close - the “thump” has gone. Listening to music on a system with three subwoofers - sounds like an old fashioned “transistor radio” with a 1" full range driver.
As soon as ambient noise increases - the “perfect voices” are drowned out - and you’re back to struggling to make sense of anything. Back to nod & smile mode.
Note my hearing loss is bordering severe - so I don’t think the Lyric should have been offered. For those with mild loss - they could be the best solution available.
The long term fit - leave them on all the time or just enter sleep mode - is very appealing - I found them to be extremely comfortable - didn’t even think about them. If only the sound were 10 times better in difficult situations.
Regards, Mike.