Finding the correct fitting domes

I am having a hell of a time finding the proper size for my ears. I have tried Tulip and double dome type. I find the Tulip to be a more comfortable fit, but more feedback in my right ear. The double dome create a suction when inserted into my ears causing pain, but little feedback. As of yesterday I am back using the tulip and the left ear is fine, but the right ear feels like it is creeping out of the canal. I might be just very sensitive to the slight movement, and it really isn’t coming out. I constantly put my finger into my ear to check, and it is becoming a habit which I have to break myself of.

I no longer have the itching ears as I started using Miracell Pro-Ear.

My open domes fit just inside my ear canal, where the opening is a bit larger than when they are about 1/2" in further in.

If I try to push my open dome in too far, it wants to work its way out. So, the receiver seems to work best when it is just about visible outside my canal (using two mirrors and looking into my own ear). Also, with mine, there is a tiny plastic loop wire that goes in the large curve of the ear to help hold the receiver in place. I know I have the receiver in too far if that loop wire wants to stick straight out.

My aids are most comfortable riding just inside the canals, almost what someone would think is too far out, but apparently they are just right as that is how they work the best. I can jump, bang my head, etc, and never had the receiver fall out of my canal - if it weren’t for that little curly plastic wire, I think I might have one, or both, come out.

Hope this helps!

Yes I agree, if i push mine in to far they tend to work their way out and I also have the curly clear wire that is meant to help hold the unit in place. I think my problem is perception of the unit moving out but no really doing so. Well after I posted the OP I changed the right ear back to the double dome and that is feeling better. But of course I now have to have two different domes on hand. Not a big deal I guess as my provider gives them to me.

The tubes play a big part on fit too. They come in a variety of lengths from the top of the ear to the ear opening as well as length going into ear. If the tubes are wrong it will be a problem getting the domes to stay where they belong, even if the domes are correct for you.

As far as feedback goes, when changing domes the hearing aids feedback controls need to be adjusted accordingly.

Good luck

As of a few minutes ago I have no feedback with the double dome in my right ear and the tulip in my left. Also I think I finally have the size correct as there seems to be no creep, for me that is a wonderful feeling. The Audiologist changed the clear wire that holds the dome in place and mounted it slightly different and it no longer falls out of my right ear. So maybe it is now fine tuned, and I will cruise along nicely in the realm of the hearing.

I just ordered my hearing aids - Kirkland Signatures from Costco. I tried a couple different domes and finally decided on getting custom earmodes.

I thought about the custom earmolds, but I felt it would give that closed feeling and might be more visible and I am vain. Let us know how they feel, have you used the tulip or double dome before so you can compare?

This is my first pair of HA. I just tried the domes that were available at Costco. I have no idea what they were called. My problem was that they didn’t stay in my ear. I’ve been told that the ear mold sits inside the ear like the domes and still allows sounds to enter like the domes. The two advantages, I’ve been told, are that it fits the ear so they don’t come loose and they further reduce feedback. But the caveat is that this is my first pair so I have no real experience. But at $40 per ear I figured I couldn’t go wrong and could always go back to the domes if need be. I’ll find out on the 17th when I pick up the HA.

I will be looking forward to hearing about your results. Give us all the information you can once you receive them.

I’ve been having trouble with the various domes as well with my Bernafon Verite 9s. I’ve tried the tulip and then the double dome {?]. With both of these, though, they worked well at first but then after 3 or 4 days something would change in the shape or fit and it would feel like it wasn’t sitting right in one or the other ears. It was uncomfortable and I couldn’t hear as well.

So today he gave me the open domes. I like the openness of them, but I hope they have longer durability than the other ones. I’ll know in the next few days. Also, volume seems to be lower, I just had to increase the volume with Soundgate to hear my wife in our house.

If these domes have the same problems I plan to have the custom molds made, too, at $40/piece. I’ll keep you posted.

Previously I wore the Phonak Smart IXs and didn’t seem to have the same problem with the tulip domes. Not sure why they seemed to be more durable. I also then tried the custom molds because a 2nd audi told me that I’d have better hearing with them. On this front, Phonak had a great custom mold material that was quite comfortable and did seem to improve the sound. It does give a slightly more occluded feeling, however, then the open fit.

My concerns are just like yours regarding the feeling of them in my ears. Yesterday was the first time I had a problem talking on the phone as it sounded low and hard to understand. I have a hunch it was the connection with the tech support people and their accent that made it hard to understand. I have an appointment in 5 weeks and I will see by then. But I have a hunch I will be calling for an appointment sooner.

I had new aids fitted (NHS) last November. My form of hearing loss is longstanding and primarily relates to low frequencies. I have the oticon spirit zest devices and these seem to me to work fine.

The problem I seem to have is with the fitting in the ear canal. I initially had the open fit system (narrow tube with a cone). I did not get on with these and later had the hard plastic ear moulds fitted.

I have the same problem with both systems: there is “leakage” of some kind such that sound is distorted, like listening to a cheap transistor radio. In both cases I’ve found that this improves if I stick my fingers hard in my ears! Not a long term solution!

As far as I can tell there are only the two systems offered by NHS.

I have fitted Sony silicon ear buds to the wider tubes and these seem to work much better, low frequency sounds are richer and the TV is much easier to listen to. They seem to fit so well that any “leakage” is eliminated. The downside is that because they are not made for the job they don’t stay in one place on the tube: the tube goes too far down my ear or the ear bud stays in my ear when I remove the aid. Again, not a “fit for purpose” solution!

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?


Last week I went into my Costco hearing center to see what can be done about my ear domes slipping out. I asked about the custom ear-molds and he said lets try something else first. He gave me slightly longer wires from the Vierte 9 to the speakers. He said he will hold my original wires and give it a try. Well today I went back and replaced the longer wires with the original. There were pros and cons to the new wires. First off the domes did not at all slip out, but the wires stood a 1/8" off my face, which annoyed me.

I decided with the HA guy that I should go for the custom ear-molds made by Westone made of Silicon clear material. The molds were taken and shipped by FedEx, and I should have my ear-molds in 10 days or so. This experience has been very good do to the knowledge and patience of the Audiologist at Costco.

Hi Joel,
My plan shortly is also to try the custom molds as the open domes haven’t solved the problem of the HA slipping out a bit with the wire protruding about 1/8 inch or so from my ear, very noticeable.

However, I’m first waiting for the Resound Futures to come in so I can at least demo them for a few hours in Costco. Unless they are an exceptional improvement over the Verites, I’ll move ahead with the custom molds.

Other than the slipping of the domes, I can’t be more happy with the performance of the Verite 9s. The Double Domes Slip at lot less than the Tulip domes so maybe they might work for you David.

Hi Joel,
I’ve been fairly happy to…I think some of the problems I’ve had have to do with these domes that haven’t fit properly. There have been numerous times, though, in gyms and loud restaurants where I’ve heard quite well, though this past Saturday night was tough (very very loud and I was seated in a wide open area and my friend’s wife is somewhat soft spoken - probably killer for any HA wearer).

They are much better than the Smart IXs I had.

Do you have your audiogram you can share on screen? Also, could you describe your experience, how you are using it and how the Verites function in different environments. Also, I haven’t been able to get the TV adapter to work with the Soundgate, and that’s been frustrating. Are you using that?


My audiogram is at the bottom. I haven’t used the Soundgate as I haven’t needed it. But I have no problem in loud places even with soft spoken people. When a problem arises I press the button on the HA which turns on the restaurant mode. The mode can be adjusted by your Audiologist, to be louder if you need it. I had mine adjusted about a week after receiving the HAs.

I have had similar issues,just with right ear.The tulip is more comfy–but I get feedback.
I am trialing still at moment–but I enjoy being able to hear/but inner ear is more comfy with lighter feel tulip dome.I have also(but uncomfortable)/tried a plus dome(I think tis its name)–fills ear more/less feedback;but not comfy.

I would be interested to hear if you find an answer.

I’d like to comment on the experience of having an ear mold for one ear and dome for the other. I have a very good fitting ear mold for one ear, but couldn’t get one to fit the other properly. I’ve had to use domes which creep out and cause embarrassing whistling. I find the whistling far more embarrassing than the ear mold showing a little.

My question is which type of ear mold is best for reducing whistling. I’ve had domes and tiny flimsy things that only last a week or so. Is there a type that is reasonably sturdy, but also reduces feedback?

I received my ear molds today and they seem to fit OK. I expected them to be a little more streamlined, but I was mistaken. It came with a long Tail for removing, and they hung out of my ear and they were very unsightly to say the least. They serve no purpose other than a tail to remove the molds. The Audiologist cut the tails off as near the mold as possible with out damaging the vent. he then opened the vent a little wider to allow for a more natural feeling. I do feel them more than the domes and tulip, but I should get accustomed to them in a few days. I hope they stay in or i will be back to the original method. My earmolds are made of a clear Silicon and they feel soft to the touch. I of course feel like they are falling out and they aren’t. There is a little bit of feedback as they don’t go into the canal as deep as the domes. I will report back if anything changes. I do know I need to have the HAs adjusted as I hear a pinging sound with high frequency.