Filter vs non-filter in hearing aid ear hook benefit

I have some questions about benefit between filter and non-filter in hearing aid ear hook benefit. Without filter, the sound is loud and annoying sometimes. I have to volume up or down depending whenever I am at home or out somewhere. With filter, sound is kind of smoothing frequency and I am not sure what is it but I do like it and not too loud. Does my audiologist have to run feedback test with my audiology if I decide to switch filter or non-filter? Let me know and great help would be appreciate. Thanks

It depends on the brand of your hearing aid. Some manufacturers have different frequency settings for filtered and unfiltered (also called damped and undamped). In that case, your audi would be well advised to select the correct type of earhook in the software and then re-run the feedback test.

What I have is white filter inside the ear hook. My hearing aid is Phonak Nadia UPIII. It is hard for me know if I should use white filter inside the ear hook or without it. Let me know you’d opinion.

I think you should use the damped (filtered) earhook.