FEP Blue Cross Basic requiring prior authorization for hearing aids as of 2024

I have no idea if it applies to their higher priced plan, but I noticed this in the fine print of my retired federal worker BCBS Basic plan. I asked and was told it would be the audiologist who has to tell BCBS the aids are necessary. I’m sure the professional community is just thrilled.


I saw that was one of the changes for 2024. It motivated me to finally get hearing aids, before the new year. My goal was to find a Hearing Center that took BCBS FEP and would fit a pair of cic aids for the $2500 benefit. I found an Audibel Center that would do that. I now have a pair of Starkey Picassos for my first hearing aids. I like them so far.


I’m unfamiliar with the Starkey’s. At least if you get them now you have ticked off one of the five years that must transpire before the benefit is available again. It used to be every three years at, I think, $3,000. I need to make an appointment for my annual test and will probably tell them to just order me the newest Oticons, a brand I’ve been using with success for 25 years.

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