Can someone tell me what feedback sounds like?I think I may be experiencing it with my trial Nios v’s by Phonak.Talking to my wife at a distance of 15’ her voice sounds tinny,or maybe there is metallic sound being produced by ha’s along with her voice.On windy day driving car with passenger window down,I hear normal wind sound along with tinny metallic sound,pills rattling in plastic container emit same sound along with rustling paper.With the wind while driving,I pushed tube into ear tighter and seem to have cut metallic sound down.Am I experiencing feedback or is this a sound sensation normal to ha’s,one I could get along with but if it can be remedied,then why not do so

You might be experiencing a phenomenon called entrainment where the hearing aid thinks it is experiencing feedback and then introduces a 180 degree out of phase signal to cancel the feedback. If true feeback is not present this introduces artifacts similar to what you are experiencing.

Solution: Have the aud turn down the aggresiveness of the feedback manager. You might also need a more closed fitting (a closed dome or earmold) to stop real feedback from occuring once the feedback manager has been reduced in efficacy.

My Audi has all settings at entry level TY