Feedback on Phonak Naida 70

What is your experience with:
Phonak Naída Marvel 70 SP

Naída Paradise 70 UP?

Looking at my audiogram, which one would help my hearing loss better?

These two Phonak hearing aids are the only types available in the company in my country. There is a big problem with importing devices due to the economic crisis.

I wanted to go with the option of buying used hearing aids from another country but the customs, inability of having them fixed with a company etc made me have second thoughts.

Hello @Zeeza, Naida M70 SP’s are indeed excellent aids, I have a spare set myself, given to me free at point of service via the UK NHS, I use them occasionally when I rotate my aids, I am most fortunate! Naida Paradise 70 UP’s would be an overall incremental upgrade on the M70 SP, with multiple Bluetooth connectivity, so perhaps a better option? Good Luck with your choice, cheers Kev :wink:


Yeah either one would be suitable and I bet you could get the Marvel models for a lot cheaper, if you wanted to import your own you could use a reshipper company in USA, like Ship from United States
They do everything for you, the red tape problem is because they are “medical devices” you can have them sent as earbuds, of course you still have your problem of servicing.