Failed police employment hearing test today(I had no idea I have hearing problems)

Hello to everyone It’s my first post here my name is Mike I’m 31 years old.

I am going trough selection for a police officer role I passed everything until last test today that was a hearing test I was shocked as I had no idea I have a hearing problem.

I received these results and was told to go and see my GP and come in for a re-test 3 weeks from now…

L: 4 0 0 10 2 3 -3
R: 17 19 26 32 41 35 39
500 1k 2k 3k 4k 6k 8k

I’ve seen my GP she said that the right ear looks inflamed (I’ve had a cold sinus problem for the last 3 weeks or so ) and she prescribed me a spray to use for 7 days.

I also had a very bad episode of vertigo attack and sinusitis in 2014 had an MRI scan back then and came back normal except sinus infection.

Should I go and see an ENT in the meantime before re-taking the test? Can the hearing loss be caused by a cold,sinus infection? I also have tinnitus from time to time but it does not bother me it lasts for a couple of seconds and it’s very rare I don’t even notice it…

Thanks to everyone in advance for any tips or advice I’m still shocked as I didn’t expect this so don’t really know what to do next…

Hi Mike-

I’m new to this forum too, though not to hearing loss.

What is your spray?


It wouldn’t hurt to go see and ENT because the audiogram numbers they gave you are pretty weird. Normal audiogram numbers go every 5 db and you don’t come away with numbers like 17,19,26, so it might be a good idea to go someplace else to get some accurate numbers. Good luck!

It’s this one

Dexamethasone, Neomycin Sulfate, Acetic Acid

They’re numbers from an automated test mechanism.

people always assume their infections killed their hearing

Thanks for this I can see neomycin is on the list
and it’s included in the spray I have been prescribed… Otomize:
Dexamethasone, Neomycin Sulfate, Acetic Acid.

Guess I should stop spraying this in my ear then.

Prescribed meds should only be stopped after phoning/emailing your practitioner. He can often suggest an alternate med for whatever the problem.

There’s a big difference between taking a large dose of a medication orally and putting a drop or two in your ear. You can call your pharmacist to ask of neomycin applied topically would be ototoxic.

No one should be stopping or changing meds based on carp you read in this forum.

find an audiologist you can trust

Doogie Howser: give it a rest, your medical licence is bogus.