Exposed to a Fire Truck Siren and Now My Ears Hurt

Today I got exposed to a firetruck driving through the road while I was in a parking lot outside my car with no hearing protection. I was about 24-25 meters (around 80 feet) away from the fire truck and I was exposed to the firetruck siren for a few seconds while I tried to plug my ears with my fingers.

My ears kind of hurt hours later. I might have some very faint ringing.

I just want to know how loud are those darn firetrucks and if I have any permanent hearing damage?

I doubt it very much. Relax

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If that were the case everyone the fire truck passed would have suffered a loss


According to Siren Limitation Training - Fire Apparatus at 80 feet you were exposed to approximately 106 dB for a few seconds. This is not normally enough to cause damage. OSHA in the US for occupational exposure allows exposure at this level for one hour a day.

Is having some reduced hearing due to stress from being exposed to loud noises right after? Does that reduce blood flow to ears? Becuase that tends to happen to me at times.

If you’re really that concerned about all of this then go see an ear nose and throat specialists and get yourself checked out. Trying to get answers online, in this situation, is not the best way to go.