Everyday Sounds and the Htz associated with them

I have searched and not found my answer. Can those in the know please post what types of everyday sounds are found along the HTz scale. Thank you.

As a hypothetical example:
(I made the following up)

			125  a book falls to floor

250 a bass guitar
500 a door closes
1000 a bird (blue jay)
2000 etc
4000 etc

How can a motorcycle be 8000 Htz while a lawnmower is 250 ?

Hey, that’s really cool, thanks. I have been looking for a more informative take on the dB thing too, as I kept finding all the searches gave noise levels rather than sound levels, like “in a quiet restaurant” and I couldn’t really work out how one can hear or not hear a quiet restaurant! This makes a lot of sense out of my hearing loss and how come many with a larger on-paper loss in different frequencies can understand more speaking than I do, as my biggest losses are in the bits with letters in them. Conversations sound much like “ar air de crrr flrrr smwah gnyerr” even with a moderate loss, yet I am afraid I could be driven to take a large gun to birds and public whistlers!

UPDATE New question - how does this relate to proximity and other noises, i.e. if I had a 30dB loss at 2k at what distance exactly would I be able to hear/not hear the watch noises? Does the 60dB loss relate to a baby crying in an empty room with you or a baby crying over general background noises of the average environment? Presumably we are closer to some sounds than others if the “everyday” aspect carries over, as you put a clock to your ear to listen to it tick, but you don’t put your ear on a jumbo jet taking off.

Rice burner:)

so does a person with normal hearing have the following:

    ......     L     R

125 0 0
250 0 0
500 0 0
1000 0 0
2000 0 0
4000 0 0
8000 0 0

Thus meaning they need “0” Db amplification to hear at those HZ levels?

and for us with hearing loss say

125 20 25
250 30 30
and so on…

we need left ear 20 Db amplification @125 to hear at the “0” or normal level and so on? or 30Db @ 250 to hear “0” normal…

and if that theory is correct - why can’t I hear speech very well with a hearing aid programmed to get me to all “0”'s ???
Takes time to learn how to hear or interpret the sounds ??? or what

thanks again

very informative info coming out here

Question for you:
NR = No Response (tested and could not hear at any level of amplification) or Not Reported (meaning tester did not take it to that level) ?

No Response

I took a look at a few of your posts. You have asked good questions without answers. You have mentioned that kids, restaurants and other loud places you pull the aids out, too much sound. Are you getting the help you need to tune your aids? Has this been a problem for a long time?


turns out i can hear everything under a dogs bark :smiley:

Two-stroke vs Four-Stroke :smiley:

I don’t expect they took a reading off a chopper. Probably more like a 125cc at full revs.

I am very puzzled by that 8000 Htz motorcycle, because with mith my loss, I should just barely be able to hear a motorcyle.

But I hear motorcycles quite well even without my aids.

I don’t know. I have only had HA s now for 2-3 years. I am living 2 hours away from a place that can tune them. I bought them 1400 miles away when I lived on East Coast. Not so easy to just schedule a quick appointment and go in. I live at elevation 10,000 ’ + so snow and mountain travel also comes into play.

I hear better with them than without them so I probably put up with a not so perfect tune And, I coming from the standpoint of never being able to hear well, everything seems to be an improvement over the past.

Sound levels are measured in db SPL with 0db being an absolute amount of sound pressure per a fixed unit area. And 0db SPL is approximately the lowest sound pressure that a normal hearing person can hear at 1khz frequency. Ed

I’d assume the motorbike thing is some kind of average, as a pitch and loudness of a motorbike various substantially between start-up, neutral, first gear, cruising gear and how many revs you are turning over. If you are close to changing up to the next gear it’s a vastly higher pitch than if you are sitting in neutral at some lights.

I think it is just a mistake, 15,000RPMs (which is really screaming) comes out to only a fundamental freq of 200Hz, so even if you go up 10x for harmonics, that only reaches a few Khz. Notice where the lawnmower is. The chart however is definitely a keeper, kudos to the poster.

Thanks Zadfor.

Iknew there had to be something amiss.

Sounds are multi frequency. Are you sure you’re not looking for decibels?