Even more confused about Audiogram


Hi I’m even more confused now about Audiogram since my recent appointment where I was told it was a mild to severe hearing loss on right ear which I thought my Audiogram below showed I have received a letter which says mild to moderate mixed hearing and now I don’t understand what my Audiogram shows again and I don’t know what is right.

Help is my hearing loss mild to moderate on the right ear or mild to severe as I was told at appointment.



Seeing as how you have your audiogram entered here…hover over it and it will give you the industry standard severity levels.

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It depends what frequencies you’re looking at. From 250hz to 4000hz, you’re mild to moderate. Most of speech is contained within these frequencies. However, at 6000hz, you’re loss is severe and at 8000hz, it’s profound. Doesn’t really matter what you call it. Hearing aids should help.



Thank you for quick responses I think I’m starting to get it now I’ve just been thrown off by the letter I got today telling me something different from what they said at the appointment so if I’m right overall my hearing loss is mild to moderate with it being severe and profound in certain frequency ranges. I’ve currently got a wired cros aid but every time I wear them they fall off and the wire gets tangled in my low hairline and also I’m finding as of late since a bought of ear infections I’m struggling to ear things like the tv properly and certain things being said to be without turning my current cros aid volume nearly right up.I’ve got an appointment for new wireless cros aids in January which I’m looking forward to as I’m currently finding not hearing certain things well without the volume being right up and my cros aid falling off a lot very frustrating.