Etd tinnitus


Hello im 16 and from the Netherlands. So about a few month ago i got etd. So i did nothing about it and it stayed there but it did not annoy me. Just the ear popping and pressure diffrence. Then i got tinnitus. I screwed around with some cotton buds. My right nose is stuffed alot. And I tuched my right eardrum like a total idiot. It happend around 4/5 weeks ago now. So i went to see the local docter he didnt know much about it. And he said go try nasal spray whataver. I used the nasal spray it worked on my left ear. Tinnitus is gone there or i cant hear it because of my right ear… I did get swimmers ear in the left ear for a few days but its gone now. But the ear popping isnt. It has been getting less in both ears. But not alot. But my right ear tinnitus is still there. Maybe i just have to give it time. Its not effecting my daily life. I can still hear fine and do the stuff i used to. My sypmtons have been improving i guess. Or i think so. Thank you for reading this. Sorry for the bad English do.


Please tell me you are not spraying nasal spray in your ear.


Give it some time, do your best to ignore it, turn on some music or something to distract yourself in times when it is bothersome.

(Oh, and very normal for it to go up and down in volume for a while. Don’t worry when that happens. Also normal for it to come and go later on. Have you been cleared by an ENT?)


Nope i haven’t been cleared by an ent. Idk what its even called here.


In the US an ENT is a medical doctor that specializes in Ear, Nose, and Throat problems.