Eror when opening inpire x through starkey patients data base ( check the picture )

hi everybody. I have problem , when opening starkey patient database. it’s been one week must say I can not open the patient database. is there someone who has the solution ? or might be able to give noah 4 ? or something that could make me save the settings inpire x. thank you

We need some more details about what you have installed, what version of windows are you running, as win7 has a few issues with this, unknown why tho.

Windows 10 runs without issue, I noticed your message asks you to restart your PC, did you do this?

So you also need to install Inspire first and then the PatientBase, did you do this?

initially inspire x + patiendatabase on window 7 , everything is Ok no problem, but semnggu passing by could not open like in the picture, I restar upang, reinstall everything, but the same problem still happens. and I try in windows 10 , the same problem also occurs.

Ok interesting, have you tried using windows restore point, going back a few weeks to see if this helps. Possibly some kind of windows update has caused this?

You could also try a virtual machine and installing inspire there.

Sorry I don’t really have any other solutions, nothing worse then software working one day and then the next nothing! Sometimes in this case getting another copy of inspire and reinstalling is the only solution.