Equalizer settings for television


I have an older model Vizio L.E.D. television. I also had a Bose sound base . Along with using captioning, I could enjoy watching tv.
Well, the other day my Bose sound base bit the dust. So I am looking towards purchasing a new sound base. Just haven’t decided on which one yet.
In the mean time, is there any suggestions on what I might set the equalizer settings to.
This tv have a built in equalizer with 500hz, 750hz, 1.5hz, 5hz and 10hz.
I have absolutely no knowledge on what to do with these settings. Right now they are all raised to the top level.
Does anyone know what would be some good settings that help with my type of hearing loss. I know I can raise or lower and Hz, I just don’t know what a good setting would be.



An equalizer starts out at a flat line in the middle. No boost. No cut.
For you to just throw all the levels up to the top is just raising that same flat line up. Maybe you’ll get some more volume but that’s it.
And that, I think, is all you need. Volume. Either out of the speakers or the power of your HA’s.
The intent of the equalizer is to boost some frequencies and maybe cut some others as a “sweeten to taste”.
For your loss, The bit that you have up at 8khz doesn’t contain a whole lot of useful high frequency sounds. Some music harmonics would be about it. Then you’re flat line for all those important frequencies. Your left has some response up to 1500 so now we’re into three of your tv’s limited equalizer choices.
I would leave the 10k, 5k and 500 at default (see 0 below). I would put 1500 all the way up and 750 in the middle of the upper area. Say if the levels are -10 - 0 - +10…to 5.
Then crank it up :slight_smile:

But I’m no expert.



Search for Sound Bars [Bose are good but overpriced]. As to the equalizer, IMHO the best bet is for you to play with the settings until you find what’s good for you. It may take several tries but when you find your sweet spot, take a picture of the setting with your cellphone. I recommend Tao Tronics, reasonably priced, Great Customer Service according to reviews. I had 4 Vizio soundbars and never again, Customer Service is the Worst. I have a Vizio TV and never had a problem. Here’s the link for you to check out: https://www.amazon.com/TaoTronics-Equalizer-Bluetooth-Connection-Mountable/dp/B07KZ7MVS2/ref=sr_1_40?keywords=sound+bar&qid=1550595762&s=gateway&sr=8-40



Thank you for replying. I play with the settings and see which one sounds the best.



I know what you mean. I have had Vizio sound bars in the past and they were awful. Will look into the Tao Tronics. I was also looking into the Zvox, but I am not seeing too many good reviews. Thank You for replying.