Equalizer App for Android Phones

I mentioned in the past that I run an equalizer program on an old android phone with the high end frequencies drastically boosted. Then I run the youverse bible app, to a bluetooth speaker in the shower. It was working great, I could understand the “out loud” reading through the app without my hearing aids in.

I recently upgraded my bathroom phone to a pixel 1. When I downloaded the EQ app, it is now a paid app and in any case doesn’t seem to be working to affect the frequencies of the reading of the bible app.

Does anyone know of an effective EQ app for an android phone?

You could try extracting the APK file from your old phone (find it and send by Bluetooth to your new phone) and install on your pixel, this will give you the old version that works for you.

What version of Android do you have?
I’m using Version 10, and under “Settings”, “Sounds and Vibration”, “Sound Quality and effects”, there is a 9 band EQ with the top 4 bands being 2k, 4k, 8k, and 16k, +/- 10db each. On my Galaxy that EQ effects anything playing out of the phone, whether radio, Bible readings, or Pandora.

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I moved from Samsung to Google because of Cochlear Nucleus 7/Kanso 2 processors compatibility, needed Android 10 or higher. My S9 was Android 9. The pixel 3 I have now is Android 11 and does not have the equalizer you have described. Must be a Samsung thing.

I think it might be. My old S7 topped out at A8 and it had an EQ. My current A31 on A11 has one.

Bummer. I also have an S9. There was a system upgrade around a year or so ago from Android 9 to 10 that I performed. Yours could have done that, too, I suspect.

I really like Samsung phones. Wanted to make the S9 work but Verizon didn’t want to update it to A10.
The Pixel 3 is nice with a great camera and so much cheaper than the S10 Samsung at the time.

Yeah, mine is a Tracfone. They didn’t care about my update. How can anyone know what these big companies will allow or not and why?

Always, Always buy an Unlocked Phone!
Most any make & model works w/ TracFone, or any other carrier, and YOU get tho choose the features & phone you want.
Plus if you ever get the desire to change carrier, your Unlocked phone is going to work!
One caveat is some makes are GSM only, and will only work on AT&T or T-Mobile.

I checked and I don’t have this unfortunately. Darn it!

I found another EQ app that is working great, and the free version saves one preset. It is called Music Volume EQ: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hr.podlanica

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I have LineageOS on my phone, and it comes with AudioFX (AudioFX 2.1.0 for Android - Download)

Glad you found it. Great reviews, too.