EP20's - Kind of think I may return them

I’ve been pretty busy in the past 5 months, so much that I just realized the other day I only have a month before the return window is closed. I started out loving these hearing aids, I reviewed them here. Looking at it, My Jabra Enhance Pro 20 review - Hearing Aids - Hearing Aid Forum - Active Hearing Loss Community (hearingtracker.com) things have really changed.

I got these the week I had a holiday party, and was amazed that I could hear so much better in noise.

Over the past couple of months I have noticed, and apparently my whole family has noticed, that I seem to not be hearing so well. I give them a “HUH?” what seems like more times than not, even in a pretty quiet setting. What really got me thinking about my hearing quality was a banquet a few weeks ago. It wasn’t super loud but at the same time it wasn’t quiet. To the left was my wife and to the right was another woman that my wife was talking to. I could understand 90% of what my wife was saying, but I believe she was used to talking a little loud, the other woman was talking, I was dropping every 3rd word or so but my wife could hear her just fine.

Last night I brought up that I was going in for another fitting appointment today. To my surprise, my wife said she thought I should just return them. She says that in her eyes they have been nothing but trouble, that they seem like a step down from how I was hearing in my Phonak Marvel’s.

At my company party in the first week, I was amazed how well I could hear, now I again dread going to any place that has a lot of noise. Overall it’s depressing as hell. I’m not 50 yet and I feel like my hearing loss is going to anger me the rest of my life. I have mild to moderate loss, and I can’t imagine things being any worse.

I can’t complain about Costco. The fitting appointments went great and they were all helpful.

I have a few weeks until my 6 months. I really want these to work out, I just don’t want to be stuck hearing like crap for the next 3 years util I cough up more money for the newest tech.

It sure sounds like something has changed.
What you have told us needs to be told to the Costco fitter.

It could be wax in your ears, dirty receivers or microphone covers.
Maybe your hearing has changed.

Have you taken the aids in for cleaning or to be checked out?


I have changed the wax traps a bunch on the M&RIE and the receivers, have taken them in a few times for them to inspect. Over the past 4 years of my hearing loss journey, my ears aren’t really waxy.

I really hope I can get these going and hearing well again. Maybe there is something wrong with them, maybe something I’m missing. I know at the start the fitters were kind of resistant on putting the M&RIE’s on them, they wanted me to go with regular receivers. I think they said some struggle with feedback, but that has never been an issue with me. Being able to localize sound better has been and still is a strongpoint of these.

I’m dreading going back to my Marvel’s. It will be a definite step back in technology, I know I will hear worse in loud environments, and over time the disposable batteries get annoying. I guess I probably won’t be in the Marvel’s too long, I probably would grab a pair of the Phillips 9050’s when they get to Costco.

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I recently got a pair of Nexia 9 (which are the same as the EP20) and last week got the M&RIE receivers, and would never go back to the Luminity 90’s (which I will keep for backup).

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Your situation sounds exactly like experience with the Pro20. Started out fine (previous ha were KS9) but gradually, seemed like my understanding in one on one situations was getting worse. Along the way, both the left ha (quit working) and the right ha (static) were problems which needed replacement. Like you, I only had a few weeks if I wanted to return them. Decided to return and go back to the KS9. Perhaps my imagination but I seem to hear my wife much better now. Not sure what I will do next. Perhaps the Philips 9050 when they come out. Good Luck!

Same as user322 and you. My drop dead date is July 7. They’re ‘OK’. I’m on my 3rd set with the other two having issues. I found in my area, it took 4 shots before I found a fitter that took care of me. Even my hearing test in December was poorly done.

My plan is to return them before the 180 days are up and to either get Philips 9040s until the 9050s come out, or more likely, go back to my KS9s.