Easytek alternative?


My EasyTek never worked 100% fine and sometimes there was problems with the calls audio.
Is there another hardware alternative to use with my “siemens 7bx”?

PS: Can you tell me (private message if it is need) where can I buy only the necklace replacement and the silicon sleeve?


I had nothing but trouble with my EasyTek. Switched to Phonak Marvels recently and never looked back.
You can purchase the EasyTek on Amazon, but I don’t recommend it. I went through 3 of them with my previous audi, and the problems were never solved.


No alternative for those hearing aids. The nx model hearing aids use the Streamline Mic and it works well but it only connects to one device at a time, so if you stream from a tablet, phone calls don’t go through it. I have the Costco version of the Phonak B90 hearing aids and use the Compilot 2, which works great and connects to multiple devices at one time. Really good hearing aids.

The new Phonak Marvel only connects to one device at a time.


I also had nothing but trouble with the “easytek” I trialled for a month. In the end I gave up on Siemens and went back to Phonak and “compilot 2” hasn’t missed a beat since the day I purchased it.

I know that not much help to you but your Audiologist should be ably to get you a new neckloop. Or perhaps you can order a new one online


My neckloop on my easytek went bad and Costco had them in stock and gave me one for free.