Easy Line Remote app update

I use the Easy Line Remote app for my KS10 hearing aids. An update yesterday produces a new icon and a fancier display. Not much seems to have really changed other than the Automatic setting is now Automatic Premium. I haven’t tried Health.
Apparently I am about a month late on this update.
Easy Line Remote
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I hope it works for you. I find it slow to connect, and often doesn’t connect.

[Samsung A20, Android 11]

Same here. When I open the app, it doesn’t auto connect. If I switch to “device” it starts the process, but usually only connects to one aid. If I close the app and reopen it, it connects to both aids very quickly. If I reboot the phone the app works well one time, after that the above behavior resumes. It was the same on both Android 12 and 13. I only use the app for is checking charge status. If not for the charging quirks I’d never have discovered the app/phone quirks. :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot to mention - app works perfectly on my wife’s phone, also Android 13, but a Flip instead of my Fold. Also, her phone has very few apps, mine has a ton, so perhaps one of them is troublesome.

Thanks for this thread. Hadn’t realized it was updated… Rarely us e it. Seems to connect right away. Connects quickly. Samsung Android 12. (A53 5g)

I have the Easy Line Remote app installed on my Samsung Android 9 phone and Samsung Android 11 WiFi tablet. It seems to be easier to use on the larger tablet. I am trying a new program called Clarity instead of Automatic Premium. It will take some time to see if I can tell any difference.
The app usually displays “slow to connect or failed to connect”. Just ignore the warning and it will connect.
It is about a week later and I am going to stick with Clarity. I saved it with the volume -1.
I was at my credit union today and I could understand everything the young woman teller said behind her clear plastic Covid shield. In fact, I would say my hearing is essentially normal with this setting.

The updated Easy Line app is faster to connect with my KS 10’s and Android Pixel 5a Android than the previous version which was a great improvement.

Hmm. I’ve been annoyed recently that my KS9s no longer are automatically connected to my phone, and each time I put them on I have to go into the BT setting and tell it to connect. I’ve been blaming the fact I trialed KS10s and decided not to keep and went back to the KS9s, but I wonder if the update is the real culprit.

I have M70 and having the same issue with the latest iOS myself.

I don’t use the App myself, I just connect for music and phone calls.


Not really important, but Mute what?



Compared with its predecessor, I find the the new version of Easy Line, 6.2.3 on Android, to be a great improvement with my KS10’s. The presets on the top bar are well, worth exploring. For example, the top bar setting for Music provided far richer sound in its default setting than could be achieved with the single “fader” setting of the previous version. One can explore additional attributes which were formerly unavailable.
I encourage KS10 users to explore the different top bar scenarios and tap the “Adjust Program” button for each.


The Clarity program is by far the best for me. I select it every morning now.

A couple of months later:

I “saved” Clarity and now, after putting the aids in my ears in the morning, I press the top right button for a few seconds and the aids switch from Automatic Premium to Clarity. I then press the bottom right button to lower the volume to -1. So far, I haven’t figured out how to save Clarity -1.