Earmolds with no vent

Has anyone that uses power hearing aids been told they only have one option when ordering ear molds. A mold with no vent?

I know all about feedback and molds but I also know about occlusion and the problems that presents. I’ve always had air vents (though very narrow) but now I being told that any power aid I order has to have “no” vents or I will get feedback. I don’t buy that since 2012 power aids I have, have mold vents and I get zero feedback. Just curious if Oticon Xceed or Enzo Q require molds with no vent, versus a narrow vent that actually most HA users need.

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I assume I have “power” hearing aids because I have profound hearing loss. I have no feedback because I use “domes” similar to these:

However, I buy mine with a 3mm inside diameter from various Chinese sources on eBay. Obviously, they have no vents.

Hard to say without your audiogram, but look at mine and you see profound loss. I use custom earmolds with .8mm vents. No feedback issues.

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I don’t know about other manufacturers but Phonak’s feedback control is so good, it allows my friend to wear 0.8mm vents. She wears Phonak Sky Q70 UPs Hearing Aids and has a very profound loss.

She wore Naida V SP before and the feedback control wasn’t as good.

I haven’t worked with Oticon in a while, but that really strikes me as odd. Most manufacturers allow the provider to make that decision. I almost always ordered a SAV (Select-a-Vent) so that I could work to find the best balance of sound, feedback control, and comfort for the patient. This “Manufacturer Is Most Wise and All-knowing” stuff would make me change manufacturers rather quickly. If Oticon won’t allow it, ask your provider if he/she knows of a local mold lab. In Oklahoma City we have a local one that I have used to get exactly what I want. I can give you a link if you’d like so that you can share it with your provider if that’s helpful. They’re good people who do good work. I’ve known the husband and wife managers for years.

I’ve always had moulds with vents on all the power aids I’ve had and I’ve been wearing UP aids for 40 + years.