Earmold difficulty

The first hearing aid ordered was a ITC for the larger battery. What I got back was a CIC that fits like a ITC but the bottom part at the intertragic notch jutted out my ear and was painful. I assumed since my hearing aid has all the optional tech removed, they made an executive decision to use smaller base config.

In followup 3 months later, audiologist took one look and said it needed to be remade as it was too big. An IIC was ordered instead; if smaller battery is used, why not just go smaller? What I got back is an IIC that fits like a CIC with the bottom a little more deeply set. It hurts like hell (top part ~1cm in canal ) and throbs after some time in my ear canal. It also pops out/moves 1/2+ cm with little to no movement. I’m assuming it’s too small and is the reason why there is a ton of feedback; I never had feedback with the other one.

Are ear molds hard to make right or are my ears wrong for molds or something? Or is this audiologist or mfg issue? Why isn’t there communication when they send back something completely different than ordered? Would trying a different manufacturer help? If it matters these are oticon own.

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This sounds unusually bad to me. I’d try somebody else. Are you just getting one hearing aid? I don’t imagine one in the right ear would accomplish much. You might be happy with an open dome RIC. They are pretty inobtrusive and it shouldn’t be difficult to find a comfortable dome.

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Sorry, do you mean try different manufacturer? or audiologist?

I was thinking different audiologist.

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I was wondering why the audiologist didn’t take one look when they first arrived.

This is my first time trying to get a hearing aid so I don’t know what the process should be like. When I got the first one, she did check to make sure I inserted it correctly but there wasn’t a close inspection regarding fit; there was no look for the second one. Is there supposed to be a close inspection during fitting?

It seems the fitting process is trying to kick you out and make you wait until the next appointment to get feedback. I was told one adjusts to the aid. Rather than things getting better though, things get substantially worse until I end up not wearing the aid by the next appointment.

I’ve been to some good Audis who are skilled and caring. They needed my feedback about pressure points on the earmolds in order to be helpful. But they were never dismissive, except for one who I never saw again. You may want to see a couple Audis for their input before choosing one if you have such an option in the future. You deserve better support. Be a little aggressive about articulating issues–better yet, make a list and show the Audi.