Ear camera review

I bought an ear camera because I was curious about what I might find, surprisingly I have very clean ear canals despite having molds in my ears all the time. I got some pictures of my eardrums, thought I might share just as a cool observation.

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Yes, the topic has come up a number of times on the forum. @JordanK reported cleaning his own ears using such an otoscope (proceed at your own risk!): Resound Omnia vs Phonak Lumity - #591 by JordanK.

That inspired me to get one to see how clean the inside of my ear canals were (I didn’t want to try self-cleaning). There are quite a few brands on Amazon to choose from. Here’s a small cameo picture, very reduced in size and resolution to post, of the inside of one of my canals from 3/23.




Interesting post.

I too purchased an ear camera from Amazon because I had wax buildup when I went for my first hearing test. My Lab-a-doodle also has off and on ear infection problems. I do not recommend using the device for actually cleaning your own ears though. But it’s great for checking them after you’ve cleaned them with cleaning solution. Ok, I admit it I use my dogs ear cleaner (different bottle though) because it’s really….really good and it’s a lot cheaper. Then I rinse with warm water with a drop of Dawn dish soap in it. I then do a clear water rinse. No I just use the ear cleaner on my dog. She shakes and the gunk flies out.